About Us

Welcome to Buy or Bye, a website that offers the best solutions for online and offline businesses.

Not to brag, but our squad has some of the most talented web designers, developers, IT experts, and SEO content creators on board – all working on providing you with the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information on different products and services. 

Our Mission

With so many tools on the internet, it can be hard to differentiate good ones from bad ones – enters Buy or Bye team with a mission to create a well-rounded database of tools and services you’ll need for your business. We plan to do so by publishing in-depth, unbiased, and up-to-date reviews and other informative content.

We believe that every team working on a specific idea should have a defined set of values. Here at BuyOrBye, we aim to be transparent, objective, and professional with everything that we do. We think that it’s crucial to stay unbiased if you want to create top-of-the-line reviews or any other content.

Our Reviews

Unlike similar websites, we are not sponsored by anyone. Our process of writing reviews looks like this:

  • Paying a subscription for a software
  • Testing thoroughly the software (for services, we go through many user/client reviews, other reviews)
  • Writing a review

If you were wondering how we get funds to maintain our website – we earn commissions through affiliate links (which we get after a certain review is published).

Our Team


Alex Bosnjak – Site Manager

Alex is our manager, and his journey started long before when he was a writer for the IT and marketing niches. He still writes but from time to time because he’s a busy man! When he is not planning new content or reading about SEO, he enjoys rollerblading, taking trips, or reading a good book.

Dimitar Fidanovski – Writer

Dimitar put two of his passions together – developing and writing, which is a perfect combo. When he’s done testing and writing about various software, he loves spending time outdoors, reading about novelties in the tech world, and watching a good TV show.

Shushan Khachikyan – Writer

Shushan is a copywriter with a passion for tech and the latest innovations and trends. With a strong analytical mindset, she’s adept at translating complex concepts into engaging content. Outside of technical writing, Shushan spends her time reading, watching movies and visiting new places.