Affiliate Disclosure

Why Affiliates?

A simple blog takes a lot of time and money and our website is probably twice as difficult to maintain. Unfortunately, time consumption isn’t the only problem. The bigger one is getting the funds to pay our bills and pay for website builder subscriptions. To stay true to our readers, we pay for the subscriptions ourselves. Since we avoid having ads and other sponsorships that may influence the dignity of this site, we must exploit the affiliate system. 

The Benefits of Affiliates

Before we explain the rather simple affiliate system, we must say that we don’t accept monetary compensation of any kind and we don’t do paid reviews. Consequently, we need you to contribute so we can keep up the good work. Namely, every time you visit one of the website builders’ sites through our affiliate links, we get a small commission. We must tell you that we only become affiliated with a Website Builder manufacturer after we’ve written the review. This proves that our reviews are 100% unbiased and genuine.

Become a Contributor!

You may ask why would you become a contributor? Well, first reason is obvious – you would help us keep up the good work and consequently make your life easier. Also, it doesn’t cost anything. Finally, it’s completely safe because you won’t need to share personally identifiable information. All in all, the real question would be – why wouldn’t you contribute?