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Duda Review [2022 Pricing & Features Breakdown]


  • Easy to use
  • Quick setup
  • Developer mode


  • Limited contact options on some plans
  • No free version
duda review

Average Rating: 9.1

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Have you heard of a website builder based on a movie? You have now. The Duda team is a massive fan of “The Big Lebowski.” In their words, they roll with the punches just like the Dude and are always ready to help others.

The primary focus of this Duda review is the platform’s website-building tool. That said, I’ll also look into essential details like features, pricing, and customer support. 

What Is Duda?

Duda was founded in 2009, and it boasts of being an all-in-one solution. Apart from website building, the platform also offers team collaboration and client management tools. Over 14 million Duda-powered websites and 15,000 SaaS platforms and agencies have used Duda.

The platform offers many customisation options and features, drag and drop functionality, plenty of templates, and a free trial to check all of this yourself.

Who Can Benefit From Duda’s Services?

  • Agencies — They can benefit greatly from a custom plan, collaboration and client management tools.
  • Freelancers — Those who work in a group of up to four people will enjoy the platform.
  • Hosting companies — With white label web building, hosting companies can have a website with their domain and services. They can create websites under your name using Duda’s API. 

Main Features

  • Team collaboration — You can give permissions to users, work together, share your designs, and create contracts.
  • Client management — These tools include Duda platform permissions to clients, custom branding, site comments, white label marketing, and statistics.
  • Integrations — There are many add-ons to choose from, but some depend on your purchased plan.
  • Advanced tools — Some features that stand out include custom widget builder, instant websites, and API.
  • eCommerce features eCommerce can be bought as an add-on for your website. It comes with online payments, shipping options, marketing, sales channels, and data management.

Setup Process

I started my free trial period to see how easy it is to build a website with Duda.

screenshot of duda homepage

First, you need to create an account by filling in the information or connecting your Google account. 

screenshot of duda setup process 1

Next, you have to choose your business type and role.

screenshot of duda setup process 2

Upon verifying your account, you’ll see a window like the picture below. Then, you can start building your site. 

screenshot of duda setup process 3

In the last step, you’ll have to pick a template, which I’ll cover a bit later in the review.

screenshot of duda setup process 4

Ease of Use

The Duda site editor is intuitive. Like many other website builders, its main editing options are tucked in a dashboard on the left side of the screen. And there are plenty of options to choose from. Becoming fluent with the system might take a bit of time, but it will be worth it.

Website Editor

The platform is a drag-and-drop builder. Most website builders allow you to add site elements to a blank canvas. In contrast, Duda has taken a different approach to content creation for your site.

screenshot of duda website editor

The main builder components consist of rows, columns, and widgets. The simplest way to explain how they function is to imagine your website as a house. Inside, rows would be walls, and columns would be rooms. Individual elements or Duda widgets, such as images and text, would make the room furniture.

Image and Content Editing

So far, this review of Duda has focused on ease of use. Next, I tested the builder’s image editing options, which are impressive.

First of all, Duda’s image editor offers more cropping options than any other site builder. Based on how you want to crop your images, you can set a custom image size, turn it into a square, or use predetermined aspect ratios (16:9 or 4:3).

The editor can also set an image to match the size of a Facebook profile picture, ad, cover, or post. The cropping area supports rotating images, too.

Next, Duda offers an abundance of image filters. Their categories range from Black & White and Duo Tone effects to Summer and Winter ones. On top of that, you can add text, frames, and stickers to them.

screenshot of duda image editor

The content editing process is incredibly simple. When it comes to managing website content, builders such as Wix and Weebly have raised the bar pretty high. The easier it is to edit, the higher the bar. And Duda passed my content editing test with flying colours.

The Duda website builder helps you highlight your content using different text styles. Also, you can use a specific font and adjust its weight. Other content editing options include numbered and bulleted lists, aligning content, and setting line and paragraph spacing values. In short, Duda offers an extensive set of content editing tools.

screenshot of duda content editor


Duda’s library is home to about 100 responsive and modern template designs. With all the templates available, you can easily get stuck trying to determine which to use. Luckily, you can check out plenty of Duda website examples for inspiration.

All Duda themes are compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The team is quite familiar with the concept of an excellent mobile website building experience. Also, the company’s roots lie in turning cluttered desktop site designs into fast-loading mobile-friendly websites.

screenshot of duda templates

Thanks to the React framework it was built on, the Duda framework is fully responsive. You can adjust your site content to fit different screen sizes using the new and improved tool. Also, you can choose what content to show on each device.

Duda Website Templates

Duda divides its template library into two categories. You can use the first one to filter and show blank templates only. Duda’s blank template selection is among the most versatile I’ve seen compared to other platforms.

In the second category, the website builder groups its templates by website type. They range from business, event, and lifestyle websites to single-page and community websites.

Lastly, the platform features templates with a fixed content width (up to 960px). The other type of templates can span the entire screen width via the Full Bleed Row option. To help users differentiate these two types, Duda has compiled a list of templates that don’t have the said option.

Duda Pricing

There are four Duda plans: 

  • Basic
  • Team
  • Agency
  • Custom

While there’s no free version, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial with the Team plan.

screenshot of duda website builder pricing plans

Once the trial is over, you can downgrade to the Basic plan, stay on Team one, or get even more features with the Agency plan. Also, you can add more sites at specific prices. 

Unlike most of its competitors, Duda doesn’t sell domain names. Instead, the builder works with domain name sellers. If you need that, Ucraft offers free custom domains with its plans.

Duda offers two types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly Duda pricing. With an annual subscription, you can save up to 25%

Paid Plans

The Basic plan includes:

  • One website
  • Email support
  • AWS website hosting
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Integration options
  • Access to free images

Website personalisation is available, and you can create a multilingual website. When importing from other websites and adding it to the platform’s content library, this feature has some limitations with the Basic plan. While managing images, files, and business information are possible, you can’t add clients’ data to widgets and design elements.

The Team plan has full access to Duda’s content library and more versatile support options. Also, you get the essential team collaboration and client management features.

Unlike the Basic and Team plans, the Agency plan includes four websites. Also, if you choose it, you’ll receive priority support and access to some advanced tools like Duda’s Widget Builder for custom widgets.

Lastly, the Custom plan gives you all features and has a custom number of websites and themes.

Duda eCommerce Pricing

I should emphasise that the builder categorises eCommerce features as add-ons. Here’s what you should know about additional expenses and limitations for each plan.

screenshot of duda ecommerce add-on pricing

With the Standard plan, you can have up to 100 products, but some features aren’t available. These include a multilingual store, abandoned cart recovery, and some integration options. Also, you cannot sell on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.  

The Advanced and Unlimited plans have a few differences, such as the number of products and the size of digital goods in your store. Also, you can add a discount on the volume of products with the Unlimited plan.

Duda Features 

Duda offers many baseline features I’ve seen with other builders, including:

  • Multilingual
  • Domain name
  • Contact form
  • SEO tools
  • Storage
  • Social media

These features are quite standard, but they’re vital for your site. For instance, having a multilingual site will get you a far greater reach in users and site interactions. 

SEO tools ensure you stay relevant online. The internet is massive, and losing users is easy, especially if you don’t optimize your content and don’t do traffic analysis. Luckily, Duda website analytics helps you along. 

Additionally, linking your socials to your site makes it easier for customers to interact with you and share your content across the web, which is the ultimate goal. 

Plus, you can send out a newsletter so your users can remain informed even if they’re not on social media. 

Developer Mode

What I truly love about Duda is that you can stick to the simple web builder with drag and drop functionality and use the provided themes. But if you’re more experienced, you don’t have to.

My Duda website builder review shows you can also go into developer mode to add and edit HTML code and create custom CSS.

Design Features

The Duda site editor has many design elements to make your site look fantastic while being user-friendly and responsive. Let’s have a look at what they offer:

  • Fonts: Duda has over 100 font styles to mix and match throughout your website. 
  • Images and videos: You have access to your own gallery to upload images and videos. The built-in photo editor is pretty convenient, too.
  • Images: The platform includes a load of free images and GIFs. Plus, you can buy premium Shutterstock images straight through the site. 
  • Add-ons (widgets): There are a lot of extras you can add to make your site more interactive. Some third-party widget categories include Basic, Advanced, Social, Media, and Business. 

Looking at duda.co reviews, designers love all these features as the options are truly endless. 


Fasten your seatbelts because Duda has quite a bit to offer for creating an e-store

There are three Duda eCommerce plans, each offering real-time quotes from carriers and over 40 payment options. Store management is also straightforward, so don’t panic if that’s your first time working with eCommerce

There are two components. First, the StoreFront Design is where you display and market your products. Then, the Store Control Panel helps you set up your point of sale, shipping, and product information in just a few clicks. Plus, if a consumer has an abandoned cart, you can track it and send a follow-up email. 

If coupons or gift cards are a part of your selling process, my Duda review confirms you can add both easily straight from your Duda site.

The best part? Duda offers an Omni-Channel eCommerce approach where you can sell your items in multiple ways and on social networks. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or eBay, you’ll find a suitable eCommerce plan for your needs.


If you’ve ever worked with users’ data, you know the importance of safety and security. Duda understands this and takes the subject very seriously. 

The platform has GDPR compliance and measures in place to ensure your site is, too. I saw this on multiple Duda website examples.

Remember to double-check your business security to identify who has access to the data. Additionally, Duda will also provide an SSL certificate to authenticate your site. 

Team Collaboration

Duda is all for collaborating as a team throughout the site-building process. To promote this, the builder has several functions that simplify working. 

There are options to comment directly on the site, save and share sections, and assign different access to team members. Additionally, the Duda CMS is fantastic for monitoring content.


I ran Duda websites through two loading speed test sites to see how its uptime and speed keep up. 

Number of them had excellent results, here is the GTmetrix performance test of japan-mobility.com.

GTmetrix performance test of a website made by duda

And here is the result of PageSpeed Insight performance test of legacyh.com which is also almost excellent.

PageSpeed Insights performance test of a website made by duda

Even though result for mobile performance could be better for some websites, overall, Duda is a responsive website builder.

Duda Hosting

There’s no limit to how many sites you can host from your Duda account. But note that you can’t import an existing site to Duda. You’ll need to create it by copying over the content. 

You can’t import content written in external applets, like Flash and Java.

Ratings and Comments

PerformanceDuda did very well in the online speed tests, so speed shouldn’t be an issue. 4
Domain nameYou can purchase a domain name through Duda or import your own.5
eCommerceThere are many options for e-stores.5
Point-of-saleSetting up a point of sale is easy.5
SEO toolsYou can keep up with your site’s online optimization.5
SSL certificateYour site receives SSL certification.5
Marketing toolsSending marketing emails to users can build better communication with them.4
GDPR complianceDuda is GDPR compliant and ensures your site is, too.5
Social mediaYou can link and integrate all your socials with ease.5
Store management Managing your e-store is simple and doesn’t require any coding.5
Contact formCreate a contact form in minutes to increase user interaction.5
Designer featuresThere are multiple design features and no limits to how amazing your site can look.5
Payment optionsChoose from over 40 payment methods.5
Coupon codesAdd coupons and promos to your products.4
HostingYou can host an unlimited number of sites through your Duda account.5
ShippingGet direct quotes from carriers during the user’s checkout process.5
Add-onsThere are a lot of third-party integrations and Duda widgets to choose from.5
Managing site data (export/import)You can import content from an existing site, but you can’t export a Duda site to another host.3
Images and videosAdd and edit media in your personal gallery.5
FontsChoose from over 100 font styles.4
StorageUnlimited storage is a great advantage.5
team collaborationYou can connect and share easily with your site collaborators.5
MultilingualUsers from all over the world can enjoy your site.5
HTML codeYou have the option to use HTML and CSS.5

Duda Reviews and Ratings

The reviews for Duda are excellent. Most users love the service and all it has to offer. Some of the favourites are its design features, hosting capabilities, quick setup, and multiple eCommerce options.

The Duda complaints I read appear to be more about the plans and accounts than the actual software. 

As for the Duda ratings, the platform receives 4.3 stars on TrustPilot and 4.7 stars on G2.com. These are fantastic scores.

Duda vs WordPress

WordPress pretty much sets the standards for website builders, so it’s a good place to start when looking at comparisons. 

The two builders have similar basic features, but the most significant difference is that WordPress has far greater customization features. You can customize with Duda, too, but not to the same extent. 

While Duda themes reviews are good, WordPress offers far more options. Still, Duda is superior in its user-friendliness. If you’re a beginner, you’ll get the hang of Duda a bit more quickly than WordPress. 

Duda Alternatives

Finding a website builder with all the features you need for your site can be a long process. But I’m here to help by giving you the low down on the top competitors. 

Duda vs Weebly

Weebly may be slightly easier to use and get the hang of for first-time users. 

In contrast, Duda is also straightforward and has superior features. The platform shines when it comes to collaborating with teams and giving developers extra space to work. 

Duda vs Webflow

Both focus on providing easy-to-use builders without coding. At the same time, they give developers more freedom to change the HTML code or create custom CSS and Javascript. 

While both website builders offer free trials, Webflow also has an entirely free version. Find out more details about it in my review of Webflow.

Wix vs Duda

These two are a bit tough to compare as their baseline features are quite similar. Still, Wix has been among the most popular web builders worldwide since 2006.

Its functions and ease of use are superior to most web builders, including Duda. But it comes at a price. Besides, even the most expensive Wix plan has limited storage of 35GB, while Duda doesn’t restrict any of its plans.

Customer Support

The platform offers customer support for Duda websites via email, live chat, and phone, Monday to Friday from 12 AM to 6 PM PST. Also, I found a live chat on the support portal and inside the website editor, which wasn’t the case in the past.

The customer support’s average response times are good. For instance, the live chat team typically replies in an hour. 

When writing this review, I needed some answers from the support team. Both an email and a live chat message got responses in less than an hour. I exchanged a few lines with a live chat operator, who answered my questions swiftly

I also noticed that you could download Duda chat transcripts, which could come in handy.


The Duda platform is a great website builder for your personal or business needs. The features are suitable for basically any site, including eCommerce, business, or portfolios. 

There are numerous design flexibility options, and you can add code with the developer mode. 

If you want to give it a try, I recommend starting with the free trial to see if it fits your needs. Overall, I’d say you may be pleasantly surprised with this builder.


Is Duda easy to use?

Yes! Duda prides itself on a user-friendly approach with added developer mode for more customization.

Is Duda like Wix?

To some degree, Duda and Wix are similar in terms of basic features.

How many Duda websites are there?

There are currently 14 million sites built on Duda, with a new one going live every 17 seconds. 

How is Duda for SEO?

It’s great. The service is all about helping you through the optimization process to stay relevant online. 

Is Duda free to use?

My Duda review shows there’s a 14-day trial with the Team plan.