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How Much Does a Website Cost in 2022? [Factors Explained]

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated April, 17, 2022

Did you know that 200,000 websites are created each day? Today, almost every business, no matter how small, has its own website. The competition is steep, and the methods to create them are more varied than ever. 

But how much does a website cost? That depends on many factors, including the website type, size, and complexity. You can use website builders to design it yourself or hire designers or agencies. This decision alone will make a great difference. Here are the main topics we’ll explore:

  • Website Types
  • Price Factors
  • Website Builders vs Web Developers/Designers

Website Types

How much does it cost to build a website? Before calculating that, you need to know what type of site you need.

  • Ecommerce Site – An ecommerce site requires technologies that allow online payments, safe monetary transactions, inventory management, data collection, and customer service. All these factors affect the website making cost.
  • Corporate Website – The main goal of a corporate website is to represent a brand online. It should inform its current and potential clients about the brand’s services and products, identity, and policies. 
  • Personal Website – Personal sites are typically smaller, simpler pages dedicated to an individual. They can serve as a professional webpage that contains your portfolio and resume. Most are typically plainer and have lower website development costs.
  • Portfolio Website – All different website types can be very specific, and the portfolio is a good example. Having your own website is a great way to showcase the best of your work.
  • Custom-Made Website – A custom site isn’t based on a template, and it’s typically made from scratch. It’s suitable for flexible websites with unique features that don’t fit a template. The customization also allows for further modifications but increases the web design cost.
  • Small Business Website – A good website gives more credibility to your brand and helps you expand your business. Sites for small businesses are usually less formal in their design than corporate sites. Also, they may have their own online store.

How Much Does a Website Cost? – Price Factors

Many factors affect the website price. Depending on the size and number of functionalities, creating the site on your own or with the help of professional designers makes a massive difference.

Domain Name

Domain name prices vary depending on the extension you need and how popular it is. On average, the cost is 15–40 AUD per year. Popular domain registrars offer Australian domains like .com.au, .net.au, or .org.au for around 15–30 AUD.

SSL Certificate

SSL is an encryption technology of utmost importance for sites that process financial transactions and user data. Also, it plays a crucial part in the average website cost. 

SSL prices can vary wildly based on the security level, encryption type, and the number of domains. Yearly subscriptions can cost anywhere between 10 AUD and 1,500 AUD. The average is about 80 AUD.

Hosting Service

You also need to pay a yearly web hosting fee to keep your website running. The top web hosting solutions range from 50 AUD to 150 AUD per year. Growing and business sites require about 150 AUD–1,500 AUD yearly. And the website price increases even more for huge sites with a lot of traffic. For better speed and local support, you can use Australian-based companies. The prices are similar.

Website Design

It’s possibly the most significant pricing variable.


Freelance designers typically charge between 40 AUD and 100 AUD per hour. Per project, the average could be 1,000 AUD–10,000 AUD. 

The web design price depends on the scope and complexity, custom functionalities, number of pages, and the designer’s location. When you hire a designer, you need to make sure that their rates include the site development.


Agencies take care of the whole site-building process, including web development and design. Website design costs typically range from 5,000 AUD to 30,000 AUD. Also, agencies often do maintenance and buy licenses for media on the site. Make sure you establish these details when writing the contract.

Website Builder (DIY)

Website builders are user-friendly tools that help anyone to make a website. You can try the popular free versions of  Weebly or Wix and check out their paid plans. 

Free builders are excellent for standard and personal websites. But if your site is complex, you might need to purchase additional plugins, themes, or hire a developer, raising the website cost.

Affordable website builders with more functionalities cost around 7 AUD–40 AUD per month (90 AUD–500 AUD per year). 

SEO & Marketing Services

Marketing and SEO are essential tools that increase your website’s visibility. They drive more traffic to your site and help you reach new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a tool that allows you to rank higher in search engine results. When you implement it, you increase the cost of building a website by 2,000 AUD–40,000 AUD per project.


You can always pay for content creation on your site if you need it. On average, the price is 100 AUD–600 AUD per copy for a web page. Design agencies sometimes offer copywriting services, too.

Email Marketing 

You can implement email marketing with specialized paid tools or marketing agencies (300 AUD–700 AUD). Your monthly cost of email marketing software can be 20 AUD–600 AUD (240 AUD–7,200 AUD yearly) based on the number of contacts. You can add this to the website price. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC advertising can cost a small business 2,000 AUD per campaign. The average price per click is 2.8 AUD.

Social Media Management 

The price depends on the social channels, post frequency, and paid ads. Outsourcing your social media management may cost you about 500 AUD–7,000 AUD

Ecommerce Option

While you can find some free options for online shops, keep in mind that they’re very limited and may require additional website development costs. 

Plans for popular ecommerce software range between 40 AUD and 420 AUD per month (480 AUD–5,050 AUD yearly). They often include SSL, payment gateway, shopping cart, and support features. Here’s the ecommerce features pricing:

  • Themes: 50 AUD–300 AUD. There are some free options, too.
  • Payment processing costs: The fee is typically a percentage of the transfer: 1%–3%. There’s often an additional fee of 0.07 AUD–0.4 AUD per transaction.
  • Full customization of an ecommerce site by agency/designer: 2,000 AUD–30,000 AUD.

Looking into ecommerce features, you should have a very clear idea of what your business needs and what website cost is justifiable for you.


Useful website integrations can hugely benefit any website. They can help you connect more easily with your clients or integrate galleries and forums. Some popular types include:

Live Chat Integration  

Popular Live chat services offer plans for 20 AUD–70 AUD per month (240 AUD–840 AUD yearly). There are a few free options, but they’re extremely limited.

Analytics Website Integration 

The most popular tool, Google Analytics, has a free version widely used by businesses and marketers. Analytics doesn’t have to increase your website making cost since many other tools also offer free versions. Still, an upgrade with extra features will cost you 40 AUD–300 AUD per month (480 AUD–3,600 AUD yearly).

Social Media Integration 

It’s easy and free to add basic social media integration to any website. And if you want more specialized features, like social media feed or logins, most plugins for these are free.

Number of Pages

The number of pages isn’t the most important pricing factor, especially for small websites. That said, it’s a key factor for big sites with numerous pages or those that expect growth. 

Although it’s hard to get a general estimation, 140 AUD per extra page is the average website cost. Here’s the pricing for multiple pages:

  • 1 to 10: 770 AUD
  • 10 to 50: 4,200 AUD
  • 50 to 150: 14,000 AUD
  • 150 to 250: 28,000 AUD


Many creatives and educators channel their passion in fascinating interactive web pages. Almost any website can benefit from various media elements, especially portfolios, entertainment, news, and educational sites. Here are the average prices for media elements:

  • Photo: 2 AUD–20 AUD for stock photos. Buying in bulk or subscribing significantly reduces the price. To hire a photographer, expect to pay about 200 AUD per hour.
  • Video:  60 AUD–200 AUD for stock footage, and you can add 800 AUD–30,000 AUD to the web design cost for a custom animated video.
  • Custom logo:  200 AUD–2,000 AUD
  • Custom icons set:  500 AUD–2,000 AUD


A Content Management System (CMS) can function as a Website Builder and vice versa, but there are differences between the two. Builders focus on website creation and design. CMSs give you more options for customization after site creation. They may be more suitable for small businesses and websites that keep growing and changing.

CMSs can reduce the cost of creating a website since most, especially the popular ones, are free. That includes the widely used WordPress, which helps you build and manage your site. You can often find CMSs packaged with hosting and domain services. Paid ones cost about 7 AUD–300 AUD per month (90 AUD–3,600 AUD yearly). 

Database Integration

Database integration allows data consolidation from various sources. It simplifies data management and analytics while enhancing accessibility and security. Database integration is very useful for bigger websites that need streamlined user data and business insights. Average monthly prices can vary between 200 AUD and 1,200 AUD (2,400 AUD–14,500 AUD per year).


Outside of website design costs and other one-time expenses, you should carefully calculate the price of ongoing maintenance. It includes necessary expenses like web hosting, domain, SSL, website builder or CMS, SEO, and analytics. Also, don’t forget about unplanned modifications. For the average site that rounds up to 300 AUD–3,000 AUD per year.

Website Builders vs Web Developers/Designers

How much does it cost to build a website on your own vs hiring designers? To do it yourself, you need a little bit of technical skill and some free time. In contrast, experienced professionals can take care of the whole process while building more complex custom sites.

  • Type of Payment – Website builders are typically subscription-based. In contrast, you hire developers via contract. Depending on your agreement, the payment can be one-time or in chunks. 
  • Apps – If you want to develop an app to go along with your website, you need to pay extra in both cases. Regardless of the website design price, you also have to hire an app developer or make it on your own through app builders at the cost of 60 AUD–200 AUD. Professional app development starts at about 10,000 AUD.
  • Hosting – Generally, web designers don’t pay for the hosting unless you specifically ask them to include it in the contract. While free website builders don’t come with website hosting, paid plans can include hosting and a domain.
  • Themes – Web designers typically develop the theme on their own, unless you specifically ask them to improve a premade one. But when it comes to website builder costs, if you don’t like any of the free themes, you may have to pay 20 AUD–300 AUD on average. 
  • Security – Like hosting, although not included by default, you can buy SSL and other security features with website builder packages or separately.
  • Additional Help – When you build a website on your own, you’ll already be familiar with the used technologies, so it’s less likely to need support often. When it comes to designers, the more complicated a project is, the more issues may arise. If the contract covers support, you must specify the conditions and time frame to form the final web design price.

Pros and Cons

Website BuildersDevelopers/Designers
ProsCheap and accessible
Quick and easy
Come with extras
Help with the entire process
Flexibility & customization
ConsLimited functionality
Less growth potential
More generic designs
Takes more time
Less control 


Many factors affect website creation. You should be careful when signing contracts with developers or choosing website builder plans. 

Site-building services often come with hosting, domains, and SSL. Choosing a good package can reduce prices and simplify the process. And when it comes to designers, you have to be very clear about what you need.

But what’s the cost of creating a website? On average, you could start with 300 AUD. That said, a big complex site needs much more resources, and a simple personal blog might be almost free.

Website FeaturePrice
Domain Name15–40 AUD yearly
Website Hosting50–300 AUD yearly
SSL Certificate10 AUD–1,500 AUD yearly
SEO and Marketing Services2,000 AUD–40,000 AUD per project
Integrations24 AUD–1,000 AUD yearly
Website Theme50 AUD–300 AUD once
Ecommerce Features480 AUD–5,050 AUD yearly


How much does a website cost monthly?

To maintain a site each year, you need to pay for hosting and domain. Depending on your website, that might also include website builder, SSL, and ecommerce fees. The maintenance of most websites is about 20 AUD–300 AUD per month, but this doesn’t include setup and website design cost.

What is the average cost to build a website?

The price for an average site is about 300 AUD. Nevertheless, complex corporate sites need more resources and time to get made. In contrast, a simple personal blog might be cheap or free, especially without a personal domain.

How much should a basic website cost?

How much does a website cost on average? If you need a basic personal site with no special features, you could get one for about 50 AUD with a website builder or CMS. For a small business site, the average price is about 300 AUD.

Can you own a website for free?

Technically, yes, you can make a free website. But you won’t get a personal domain, meaning the URL will begin with the domain of the builder/CMS you’re using. Also, free storage and website features are very limited.