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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog [20 Proven Methods]

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated February, 19, 2022

Curious to learn how to get traffic to your blog? You’re in the right place. Let’s turn your dream of running a popular blog into reality.

There are over 600 million blogs worldwide, and over 7 million new ones appear every day. Thanks to website builders, starting a site today doesn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to get your blog noticed. 

Previously, people used black hat techniques and spamming tricks to gain traffic, and it worked. While that’s no longer the case, there are still ways to grow your audience. And we’re here to tell you all about them. 

20 Effective Methods of Getting More Traffic to Your Blog 

Are you wondering how to get more views on your WordPress blogs? You don’t have to be a marketing guru. You only have to follow our best strategies that will drive traffic to your blog. But don’t just skim through the guide. Make sure you implement one or two every week to increase those visitors numbers exponentially.

  1. Write more. It always helps. 
  2. Craft good titles that encourage people to click on your articles.
  3. Write skimmable posts.
  4. Don’t over-optimize for search engines.
  5. Do proper keyword research.
  6. Create valuable content that will help your visitors. 
  7. Make sure you implement SEO basics.
  8. Promote your blog on social media platforms.
  9. Include pictures and infographics.
  10. Work on guest posting to grow your blog.
  11. Use a Question Analyzer to find ideas for helpful and share-worthy content.
  12. Include long tail keywords in your articles. 
  13. Build an email list to cross-promote your blog.
  14. Link your blog to other blogs.
  15. Get backlinks to your articles.
  16. Mention influencers in your posts.
  17. Use Medium to drive more traffic.
  18. Optimize your website’s speed.
  19. Add videos to your articles. 
  20. Share your old articles on social media regularly.

These effective methods should give you an idea of how to get traffic to your blog. Now, let’s discuss the main strategies that work the best. 

Reasons Behind Low Blog Traffic 

Before you start applying techniques to get more visitors, you should understand the causes behind your low traffic. Some of them include:

  • A fairly new blog
  • Weak headlines
  • Infrequent publishing 
  • Overoptimizing or not optimizing your articles at all
  • Not spending enough time on marketing your blog 
  • Poor article quality

Blogging takes quite the effort. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up on it, especially when you don’t get much traffic. But you should keep going as it’s worth every effort.

Let’s not waste time and see how you can increase blog traffic to achieve your goals.

How to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

If you’re looking for the best free website traffic generator, know that you should never go that way.

Investing in organic traffic is cost-efficient and brings in consistent visitors. Also, it gives you a competitive edge and helps you achieve long-term goals. If you’re receiving organic traffic to your blog, your SEO strategies are working. 

Improve Your Content 

To increase blog traffic, you need to generate valuable content. Keep in mind that people mostly share problem-solving articles. 

Imagine you run a blog about WordPress. A few problem-solving topics you can cover include:

  • How to change a WordPress theme
  • How to migrate a WordPress site to a new host or server
  • How to change your domain name in WordPress

Another way to increase blog traffic is to create a pillar post and link that to other blog posts. Pillar posts are usually longer, and they cover every aspect of the topic you’re trying to rank for. By linking them to other articles, you’ll spread the traffic across your website.

Improve Your Titles

Want to know how to get your blog noticed? Work on your titles!

Improving your article titles is vital as they’re the first impression readers get from your content. A strong and catchy title sums up the article and signals to your readers that it contains everything they need to know. 

So you should learn to create titles that grab the visitors’ attention.

Let’s take a look at two headline examples:

  1. Optimize Your WordPress Speed
  2. 3 Ways to Optimize and Speed up Your WordPress Site

The first title feels bland and doesn’t tell you much about the article. Meanwhile, the second one is catchy and communicates that the blog post unveils three ways to optimize your speed. Also, it contains a number, which immediately draws attention.

If you’re wondering how to get traffic to your blog, you should also make your articles skimmable by using subheadings and bullet points. Most people don’t have the time to read a wall of text. So, by dividing the content, you’ll make it easier for readers to go through it quickly.

Master Keyword Research

The secret weapon to gaining more visitors is keyword research. After all, you can’t get more readers if no one knows about your article.

That’s why you should help search engines find your blog by optimizing the content with relevant keywords. Generally, you’ll hear about three keyword types — short tail, mid-tail, and long tail keywords.

The purpose of keyword research is to find the words and phrases your readers are searching for on Google. When you add them to your content, you’ll increase the chances of getting your posts in front of a relevant audience. And that’s how to get traffic to your blog.

Short tail, or head and broad keywords, are the most generic. Mid-tail keywords are moderately competitive and usually carry two to three words. Finally, long tail keywords include four to six words and are more specific than the other two. Here’s an example of each type:

  • Short tail keyword — “SEO”
  • Mid tail keyword — “SEO for beginners”
  • Long tail keyword — “Guide to on-page SEO for beginners”

A good SEO approach focuses on long-tail keywords in your content to grow your blog, as those comprise over 60% of the searches users make.

Here are a few more tips on effective keyword research:

  • Check the keywords of your competitors.
  • Use common customer questions as keywords in your articles
  • Make sure of Google Suggest
  • Cover trending keywords 
  • Get specific with the help of long tail keywords
  • Use different keywords

Adding keywords to your content is essential, but that doesn’t mean you should ruin the quality by stuffing them in. It’s terrible for your SEO, so you should avoid it at any cost. But have no fear, website creators like Weebly have proper SEO for websites created with tools

a hand holding a phone with Instagram on a display

Make Use of Social Media 

Social media platforms are excellent tools for marketing your small business and driving traffic to your blog.

Most people know how to make a blog but don’t know how to grow a blog. Here are a few tips that can come in handy:

  • One content marketing use is to build your brand. You can do that through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tiktok. To make people click on your post, always try to include a good title image and a catchy heading. Don’t forget to add hashtags to secure more eyeballs.
  • Instead of buying internet traffic, promote other bloggers aggressively on social media. It’s what we call the “thinking in reverse” tactic. What usually happens is that bloggers promote you in return, expanding your reach. Then, you can share your blog to transfer the traffic from your social media platforms to your blog.
  • Implement social sharing tools on your website, like Flare, or use WordPress plug-ins, like Publicize, to automatically share your fresh content.
  • Check the optimum time to post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can use Facebook Insights to determine the best posting hours for your audience. Also, tools like Tweroid can help you decide when to post on Twitter.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog Through Pinterest

Most people have a misconception that Pinterest is a social media. But it’s basically a search engine.

Bloggers often prioritize Pinterest over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to drive more organic traffic. Want to know why? The half-life of a pin is 1,600 longer than the average Facebook post. Plus, a pin is 100 times more spreadable than a tweet. 

But do you want to get your blog noticed on Pinterest? Implement these tips and tricks:

  • Use Pinterest keyword research and include the keywords in your pin titles. It’ll ensure that your relevant audience finds your content.
  • Make users curious about your pins. 
  • Hundreds and thousands of pins appear on Pinterest every hour. If you want yours to shine the brightest, find the optimum time and day to pin. Find out where your target audience comes from and what time they usually use Pinterest.
  • Join group boards to expose your pins to more people. 
  • Try using brighter or unique colours to grab people’s attention and make your pins stand out. 

How to Get People to Read Your Blog Using Quora 

You must be wondering why we bring up a Q&A platform as a way to get more visitors. Let’s find out how to use Quora to get traffic to your blog. 

It’s a free Q&A platform where people ask questions and expect answers from experts. Also, you can use it to find interesting and problem-solving blog topics. All you have to do is skim through the relevant Q&A thread and write down any interesting topics you can work on.

Want to know how to get your blog noticed and generate free traffic on Quora? Here are the tips and tricks that work:

  • Share your blog post to answer a question, but make sure that it’s a good one.
  • Find questions with more than 1,000 views per week.
  • Keep track of views and ROI resulting from your platform activity.
  • Search your competitors on Quora and research their techniques to find out how they receive free traffic. 
  • Optimize your answers with a relevant image to grab people’s attention. 
  • Add comments to the responses of others. It can help you build good user relationships. 

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog by Using Medium

Medium is among the most effective platforms to get your blog noticed. Here’s how:

  • Republish your blogs using the “Stories” feature.
  • Engage with Medium influencers as they have lots of subscribers that could read your blog. 
  • When you post your article, create a canonical link back to your original post.
  • Organize your content with relevant tags.
  • Don’t forget to add images for readability and to gain people’s attention. 
  • Whether you want new ideas or to evaluate your content, use Medium’s built-in Analytics.

Get People to Read Your Blog 

Reaching 5,000 to 10,000 monthly organic views on your blog can take some time. But that doesn’t mean you should just sit and wait for SEO tactics to work. 

If readers aren’t coming to your blog, take your blog to them. An excellent way to do that is by creating an email list.

a man working on a laptop with a glass of water and note next to it

How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog by Growing Your Email List 

Since more than 70% of users never revisit your website, bloggers don’t gain much from spending time trying to get new readers. That’s why you should encourage them to subscribe, which will increase the chances of them returning for more of your content. 

Here are a few proven ways of growing your email list in no time:

  • If you want recipients to share your email with their networks, generate informative and engaging content. 
  • An easy way to get new subscribers quickly is to hold giveaways. You can ask users to join the contest by providing their email addresses or following you on social media platforms. 
  • Wondering how to get free traffic for your blog newsletter? Add a contact form to gather emails, most website builders have this feature.
  • Create a campaign to promote a tool or software that requires an email address to sign up.
  • Share social proof on your blog to encourage more users to subscribe. 
  • Post snippets of your newsletter on social media to let users know that they can access the full content by signing up for your newsletter. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Traffic to Your Blog?

New blogs need around three to six months to pick up traffic and get traction on search engines. But it can take less if you pick a less saturated niche and focus on SEO strategies.

Wrap Up 

You can find many software options for buying web traffic. But keep in mind that the traffic quality they’ll generate is incredibly poor, and it doesn’t compete with organic traffic. 

Most people prefer building a website using tools because it’s incredibly easy for non-developers to create and optimize a blog. But the question of getting enough eyeballs is a bit more challenging. 

So how to get traffic to your blog? Your best bet is to work on your SEO strategy and promote your blog for free on social media.