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Jimdo Review (2022) – The Complete List of Features


  • There is ADI functionality
  • Switching between themes is allowed
  • Optimised websites on all devices


  • SEO limitations
  • Limited customer support
jimdo review

Average Rating: 8

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Jimdo is one of the most popular solutions on the market. The platform is famous for launching the first free iPad app for website building. Also, Jimdo is notable for its unique product, Dolphin. It’s a new generation of website builders that provides a personalized, ready-to-use website in three minutes. 

In this Jimdo review, I’ll reveal everything I learned when I tried the platform myself — the good and the bad. Let’s see if it’s the right platform for your business and check its features, pricing, free vs paid plans, ratings, and more.

Jimdo Overview

Founded in 2007, Jimdo was built to help everyone create a personal website. According to Builtwith.com retail reports, Jimdo boasts a user base of more than 480,000 websites

Compared to other website builders, it has teams all around the world. So if English isn’t your first language, the Jimdo website builder is a good option. It stands out from other platforms thanks to its smart AI that lets you start a project in automated mode.

Who Can Benefit the Most From Jimdo’s Services?

What is Jimdo? Jimdo is the most well-known solution for business owners, bloggers, and consultants who want an online presence fast. Here’s the detailed list of benefits you’ll get with it, regardless of your goals:

  • Blogging features. Jimdo comes with a great range of tools to get your blog started in a few minutes. Advanced sharing and scheduling, social media sharing, and comment management are just some of the features that set your blog up for success.
  • Small business support. The website builder is popular among small business owners and LLC members due to its ease of use. Almost anyone can create a professional website on the platform with minimal effort
  • Ecommerce features. Jimdo is an excellent choice for your first online store and taking it to the next level. Its drag-and-drop builder and integrated Jimdo ecommerce features make it easy for beginners. Compared to ecommerce store builders like Shopify, the Jimdo platform is simple.  
  • Creating a website for your business. Jimdo allows individuals to easily and quickly design custom websites, helping them to work smarter and more efficiently. Many graphic designers, photographers, and musicians use the platform for their businesses. The greatest Jimdo website examples include wood-you-love.de., pottschwarz.de., and zavenstore.com.

Main Features

The website builder offers a lot under the hood. It can easily compete with the features of Duda website builder, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. The main Jimdo features you’ll have access to after signing up include:

  • Logo creator
  • Ecommerce store
  • Hosting
  • Social media marketing 
  • General website features

Setup Process

To set up your website for free, go to the Jimdo website builder and click “Let’s get started. Free.”

Screenshot of Jimdo website builder homepage
  • The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account or log in if you already have one.
Screenshot of Jimdo setup process step 1
  • On the next page, you’ll decide what kind of website you want. Jimdo has two options: ”Create a beautiful website without any experience” and “The editor for coding experts.”
Screenshot of Jimdo setup process step 2
  • If you want to work with the first one, you have to choose whether you’re “A single individual” or “A group of people.”
Screenshot of Jimdo setup process step 3
  • I picked the option “A single individual.” In that case, you choose from five categories, including:
    • Personal project or event
    • A project or hobby you do regularly
    • A project you would like to turn into a business
    • New business or professional project
    • Established business or professional service
Screenshot of Jimdo setup process step 4
  • And in the last step, you have to name your project. 
Screenshot of Jimdo setup process step 5

Jimdo Review – Ease of Use

Is Jimdo good? The platform comes with a powerful and easy-to-use interface that helps you build your website. There are two different ways to do that, using Dolphin or Creator. 

If you choose an AI-powered Dolphin builder, it’ll do most of your work. You only have to answer a few simple questions about your business and select the colours you like. In minutes, the Dolphin starts working and provides you with a website for your needs.

You could spend more time editing and customizing the basics by choosing Creator. Unlike the Dolphin, it gives you the freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere on the page. Also, it offers the easiest to use interface that’s ideal for an online business, a blog, or a Jimdo ecommerce store.

Content and Image Editing

Jimdo offers content and image editing within the site builder. To edit an image, you must select it on your website and click the “Edit” button. It works perfectly on mobile, too. When you take photos on your phone and upload them to your website, you can crop or enhance them simultaneously. Also, you can add effects and filters like on Instagram. 

Jimdo image editor options

Jimdo offers many functions in the style editor or regular text editor. You can directly edit the text by clicking “Edit Website.”

Jimdo text editor options


From the design tab of the Jimdo website, you can change the template or edit the colour palette and font set. Each Jimdo theme has colour palette wheels so you can explore different shades

For styling options, you can adjust most elements by modifying their font settings or trying different font types, sizes, and colours. Jimdo designed all its themes to be mobile-responsive, meaning they’ll look good on any device without extra editing.

How to Select Templates?

If you create a site with the no coding option, you won’t have to choose a template. Artificial intelligence will do the job for you. You can only select topics and colour palettes that will change the template’s look.

If you select “The editor for coding experts,” you can choose from 16 Jimdo templates. When you pick one, you can browse through that template’s variations. Each has many options with categories like business, portfolio, personal, and store

You can choose to work with a blank template or even build your own theme with the Jimdo design kit. Also, you can use the Template Filter tool, which can save your time searching for the most suitable theme. You can adjust your search to show templates with a specific type of navigation, header, or content area. 

Jimdo templates

Jimdo Pricing

There are four plans: 

  • Start
  • Grow
  • Online Store
  • VIP
Jimdo website builder pricing plans

All plans come with basic features like adding videos, pictures, and other types of content to your site. But there are even more options, including HTTPS encryption, templates, and social media integrations. Plus, you can use the free or trial version as long as you need. 

One of the main benefits is that the platform allows free plan users to launch an online store. If you want to cancel your Jimdo subscription, you can do it within the first 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

If you’re on a free plan, the available payment methods are PayPal and Test order. For other plans, the most popular options are PayPal, Test order, Credit Card (Stripe — for Business customers), Invoice, and Payment in Advance. 

Jimdo online store builders pricing plans

With a Jimdo store, you can accept payments through PayPal and Stripe. Both platforms charge a fee for every processed payment. The costs depend on the location. For example, if you’re based in the USA, Jimdo will charge a processing fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus $0.30. 

Unlike most website builders, Jimdo offers email hosting services with two paid plans. If we compare Jimdo vs Squarespace and Wix, we’ll see that Jimdo doesn’t require extra costs to use Google apps and mail for your @yourdomain.com email addresses. 

Jimdo Free vs Paid Plan

If you need a basic website, the free version is ideal. Like all plans, it includes a drag-and-drop web builder, SSL security, and mobile optimisation

The Start plan is perfect for small website projects as it has a limited number of 10 subpages. For $9/month, this plan includes a free domain name for one year, 5GB storage space, and 10GB bandwidth. If you have a small product line, the Start plan is a good option. 

No matter what plan you choose, you’ll get full access to all the blogging tools that will help launch your Jimdo blog in no time. If you need advanced blogging features, you can also check my full review of Strikingly.


Jimdo provides plenty of features for all kinds of businesses. With that in mind, let’s explore some of its main functions:

  • General website features. Jimdo lets you select the colors for your store, change the font style, and adjust the background opacity to perfectly match the general style of your website. Also, with either Dolphin or Creator’s free plan, you’ll have 500 MB of storage and 2GB bandwidth. That varies based on the creator method you choose for the paid plans.
  • Ecommerce features. More than one Jimdo web builder review praises the platform for allowing free plan users to open an online shop. Also, Jimdo supports international shipping and doesn’t charge an additional transaction fee on your orders.
  • Hosting features. Jimdo offers a free domain with annual billing but only for the first year. After that, you’ll need to pay a fixed price for domain renewal. You can also use a domain registered with another provider with free hosting for the first year.
  • Logo. If you don’t have your own logo, you should try Jimdo Logo Creator. Unlike other website builders, this platform offers this service for free. 
  • Social media marketing. Jimdo provides retargeting strategies for reaching more customers. You can connect your social media accounts using built-in Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest tools.

So is Jimdo a good option for website building? Let’s find out by diving into the platform’s main features:

Templates The templates are professional and have responsive designs. 4
Ecommerce tools Jimdo allows you to create your own online store for free.4
Mobile optimisation Android, iPhone, and iPad apps let you do full website editing.5
Storage and bandwidth The free plan gives you 500 MB of storage and 2GB bandwidth. 5

HTML/CSS support

Jimdo provides access to the HTML/CSS editor.5

Jimdo Customer Support

Jimdo users can connect with the customer support through live chat and email. The live chat app is free and available on the go. But the platform doesn’t offer customer support over the phone. 

Purchasing paid Creator plans entitles you to premium support via email within one to two business days. The highest level plan receives support in less than an hour. Plus, you can use the well-written FAQ, Jimdo blog, and community forum. The website customer support team is available Monday to Friday during office hours.

Jimdo Reviews and Ratings

Negative Jimdo reviews often mention the lack of customer support. Customers complain that it’s difficult to get through. They also say that, even when they do, the service isn’t helpful. In contrast, positive reviews praise Jimdo for its ease of use and free online store. Users also mention that all Jimdo templates are mobile-optimized and look great on every device.

Jimdo receives a rating of 4.4 stars on Trustpilot, marking it as “Excellent.”

Jimbo’s Main Competitor

Although Jimdo is among the best website builders on the market, it might not suit your needs. When researching this Jimdo web builder review, I came across the main competitor worth mentioning — Wix.

Wix vs Jimdo 

Jimdo offers 16 templates, while Wix is more customizable and offers a wider range. But you can’t change your Wix template much, so Jimdo is the winner here. Also, Jimdo allows you to build a website from scratch using an Apple or Android mobile device. That said, the platform has very limited image editing tools, while Wix provides powerful built-in photo editing solutions.

Jimdo Alternatives

If you aren’t satisfied with Jimdo, it’s worth exploring some alternatives. Here are the best ones to consider:


When it comes to Jimdo vs Weebly, both help you create and customize your business website. The platforms offer free and paid plans. 

As a website builder, Weebly has many of the same tools you get with Jimdo. For instance, you can choose different themes and use a drag-and-drop builder to customize your site. Jimdo’s mobile editor is quite similar to Weebly’s. If your website isn’t responsive, Jimdo also offers a mobile version that fits on any screen. Unlike Jimdo, the Weebly free plan doesn’t include any ecommerce capabilities.


Are you looking for a more advanced and popular option than Jimdo? WordPress powers 43% of all websites. While it’s not nearly as user-friendly as Jimdo, it offers the tools to build elaborate and fully customized sites

When choosing between Jimdo vs WordPress, it’s essential to evaluate your needs. Jimdo is more suitable for beginners, while WordPress requires more time to learn the ropes. 


Deciding between Jimdo vs Squarespace isn’t an easy choiceThe latter closely resembles Jimdo. It has a beginner-friendly interface and more customization tools. The difference, although subtle, is that Squarespace is slightly more advanced than Jimdo and has a few more design options. Jimdo comes with very limited image editing tools. You can only align, rotate, and resize images. In contrast, Squarespace provides excellent integrated online photo editing from Aviary. 


So here’s my verdict. Jimdo is a powerful website builder with an impeccable reputation. Its most significant procs are ease of use, generous free plan, and mobile site optimization. Plus, it’s great for beginners.

Jimdo is perfect for small business owners with its outstanding ecommerce platform. So, with all this in mind, everyone should weigh in all the pros and cons before using this platform. You can read other reviews to get a better idea about this tool.


Can you use Jimdo for free?

Jimdo offers a free account, and it’s very generous. But if you need professional features, like your own domain name or advanced SEO tools, you must choose one of the paid plans. 

Is Jimdo any good?

Jimdo is a good option for beginners who want to build a website for free. The platform provides everything you need for a small business, from domain name and website editor to a mobile app for working on your website.

What are the disadvantages of using Jimdo?

No Jimdo review would be complete without warning you about its disadvantages. The only real ones here are the limited customer support and the small number of templates.