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In-depth Novi Builder Review [Updated in 2022]


  • Separate coding editors for Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Affordable
  • Many template options
  • Trial version


  • Poor customer support
  • Needs coding knowledge
novi builder review

Average Rating: 7.2

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Just a few years ago, you needed extensive coding knowledge to build a website. Today, all of that has changed thanks to drag-and-drop HTML website builders.

Novi Builder is one such HTML page builder and visual content editor. In my Novi Builder review, I’ll discuss everything you need to know to decide whether this service is the right choice for you. 

Let’s explore the main features, setup process, ease-of-use, pricing, customer support, and competitors. I’ve been testing and experimenting with Novi Builder for some time, so I’ll talk about its services based on my experience.  

Novi Builder Overview 

Novi Builder has been around since 2016, but the company has upgraded its services and offerings considerably since then. What differentiates this builder from similar companies is that it’s both a B2B and a B2C platform. So Novi Builder caters to creators who develop websites for other clients or end-users and businesses that need a website.

The platform has made numerous websites and offers its services in Russian, German, and French, increasing its reach. 

Nowadays, Novi Builder has made a name for itself as the best drag-and-drop editor for HTML websites. It helps developers to design new web pages quickly through pre-made content blocks. Also, you can edit the content live, which is a good way to avoid common mistakes.  

Who Can Benefit the Most From Novi’s Services? 

Small Businesses

Novi Builder is suitable for small businesses that need an advanced website with high customizability. The platform provides the perfect mix between ease-of-use (drag-and-drop features) and customizability (coding editor), which most website building tools lack. Its services let small businesses integrate numerous plug-ins and third-party tools that you can change and adapt as the business grows.

Web Developers

Web developers are the target users of Novi Builder. They have the knowledge to make the most of the platform. Plus, Novi Builder’s editor lets you code in HTML, Javascript, and CSS. What’s more, you can access all three through separate editors, making it much more organized.


Novi Builder isn’t suitable for beginners or those without any coding knowledge. If you’re among them but want to put your basic coding knowledge to the test, Novi Builder can act as a good playground. A more suitable website builder for beginners is Wix or Squarespace.  

Main Features 

  • Import Any Website — It will let you edit and make changes to an existing website while preserving the layout.
  • Visual Content Editor — It’s the essential Novi Builder feature. You can edit web pages visually without accessing the code. 
  • Code Editor — The editor allows you to include code for customizability. You can do it in Javascript, CSS, or HTML.
  • Plug-ins — Novi Builder offers numerous plug-ins to its users, such as social plug-ins, contact forms, and countdowns.
  • 200+ Elements — You can choose from more than 200 elements for your website.

Setup Process 

To start building your website as soon as possible, you first need to go through the setup process.

screenshot of novi builder setup process 1

It begins with a short slideshow about Novi Builder and its features. You can choose to skip this part.

screenshot of novi builder setup process 2

Once you’re done with the introduction, you’ll get access to the site builder. Here, you can choose from the templates, make your website, and export it.

Novi Builder Review — Ease of Use

I’ve found that the Novi site builder isn’t as easy to use as new website building tools from companies like Wix, Squarespace, or Sitebuilder. That’s because the platform targets web developers who have some coding knowledge. In contrast, the other companies are specifically for beginners with no developer skills. 

Even though Novi Builder offers plenty of drag-and-drop options, you need to be able to code a few sections to make the most of it. That will give you maximum flexibility to customize your website.

In contrast, the other mentioned companies only offer drag-and-drop features, which can be very limiting. It’s great that you can set up a website with zero coding knowledge, but that substantially reduces what you can do with your site.

I tried the Novi Builder’s design tool, and it worked like a charm. The short introduction before you start building tells you about the main design aspects and features. It’s enough to get started. 

You can choose from an extensive library of templates, add or remove Novi Builder plug-ins, and use the large selection of presets. Apart from that, you can also code any part of your website with Javascript, CSS, or HTML. 

The builder’s interface is highly intuitive. You can figure out where everything is within five minutes. After that, it’s up to you and your creativity.

Content and Image Editing 

Editing content through a website builder should be easy, and Novi Builder offers just that with its Visual Editor. 

With this feature, you can view your web page and edit all the content directly. Unlike other site builders, you don’t have to keep going back and forth between the Novi Builder HTML editor and the preview.

The visual editor lets you change headings, paragraphs, or text and directly see how it would look when the page goes live. That saves a lot of time. 

While Novi Builder doesn’t have a built-in image editor, it does allow you to upload any images you want. Also, it goes one step further. You can access a stock photo collection and use it for your website. The library is extensive, and you can always find more photos on websites like Unsplash or Pixabay.


The platform provides HTML templates for various industries and websites. You can choose between more than 35 Novi Builder templates on the dashboard. They’re suitable for all kinds of use-cases — car washing landing page, SEO consulting, wakeboarding, restaurant, bar, or even dental clinics. 

You have complete access to the source code of the template you purchase. Hence, you can customize it to your needs.

Let’s explore a few template examples: 

screenshot of novi builder template 1

This is the home page for a dental clinic. The option to “Make an Appointment” has been included right at the top and is very visible thanks to the colour scheme. Also, you get some free web copy along with the template.

screenshot of novi builder template 2

Here’s a template for software companies. You can include testimonials right on the home page to increase your website’s conversion rate. Plus, the section works as a carousel, so you can have as many as you want.

Novi Builder Pricing

The platform offers a free trial version where you can test out its features. That said, you need to purchase any template you want to use. It’s also good to know that you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

When it comes to payment options, Novi Builder accepts Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. The platform doesn’t charge any payment processing fees, but your payment provider might.

screenshot of novi builder pricing plans

Novi Builder is more affordable than the average website builder, but I should note that the platform only offers website building services. You won’t find any related services like web hosting, domain registration, or SSL certificates

  • Startup — The plan is ideal for small projects. But it only offers one template. Still, if you don’t plan on making multiple websites with different Novi Builder templates, this plan should suffice. 
  • Advanced — It comes with more than 35 templates. The plan is a better solution if you need to build multiple websites or test out different templates.
  • Developer — The Developer plan offers all features and tools that Novi Builder has for a lifetime. The cost is the same as what you’d pay for two years worth of website building, so it’s ideal for those who know how to code and plan on building many websites.

Novi Builder Features

Let’s discuss the main Novi Builder features:

  • Text Editor — Novi Builder provides a visual text editor, one of its mainstay features. With it, you can edit your web pages and preview how the finished one would look. The feature performs well compared to similar tools by other website builders, which prevent you from accessing the source code for every little change.
  • Code Editor — The platform has an excellent code editor compared to other builders. That’s because Novi Builder’s editor is grouped by programming language (CSS, Javascript, or HTML). Hence, you can make changes to each separately.
  • Media Library — The media gallery isn’t as extensive as those of competitors. Still, you can always import media from third-party providers like Unsplash and Pixabay.
  • Page Manager — Novi Builder has a well-rounded page manager for editing, creating, and deleting pages and changing their general settings. It’s quite run-of-the-mill, without any notable features.
  • Preview Mode — It lets you view your website or any web page before it goes live. That provides an excellent way to check if your code works as it should.
  • HTML Website Services — The Novi site builder lets you choose from more than 35 HTML templates, but you can also build or import your own. The collection is better than most similar services. 

Ratings of Features

Here’s a rating of all the main features:

Text Editor Provides visual text editor5
Code Editor Includes separate Javascript, HTML, and CSS code editors 5
Media Library Has a useful media library
Page Manager Functional and intuitive page manager
Preview Mode Easy to access preview mode4
HTML Website Services Several HTML templates4 

Novi Builder Reviews and Ratings 

Many praise Novi Builder for being an affordable service that integrates drag-and-drop and coding features. Hence, it finds a balance between customizability and ease of use. Users also enjoy the platform’s HTML templates, which suit different industries and use-cases.

Novi Builder received criticism for its lack of focus on customer support. While other website builders bend their backs to provide quick and helpful responses, the platform only offers a ticketing system. 

Novi Builder receives a Trustpilot rating of 4.2 stars. In comparison, the rating of Site123 is 4.3 stars.  

Novi Builder’s Main Competitor 

I aim to help you find the best website builder for your needs, so I’ll talk about Novi Builder’s closest competitor. 

Voog is a European website builder founded in 2014. The company also strives to provide an easy-to-use platform for experts and beginners alike. 

Voog offers a collaborative feature where you can get your colleagues to edit and build the website with you without sharing your password. The feature is notably absent in Novi Builder. Voog only offers coding access in HTML and CSS, whereas Novi Builder also covers Javascript

Novi Builder Alternatives 

Let’s see if there’s a Novi Builder alternative you might want to consider.


Wix has become one of the most popular website building solutions. Along with its drag-and-drop website builder, the company also offers web hosting. Plus, Wix has more than 200 million registered users. 

The builder has far more exhaustive SEO tools than Novi Builder, which only offers basic SEO services. Also, Wix has an extensive free version where you can create and publish your website under a Wix domain name. Lastly, the Wix ADI feature provides a game-changing experience for website developers. Still, Wix is far more expensive than Novi Builder. 


Strikingly has been around since 2012 and aims to empower creators to share their message. The company focuses on building mobile-friendly websites, which is a must-have for today’s users. Another area where the tool scores above Novi Builder is its dedicated tools for e-commerce stores

Strikingly charges extra for importing a third-party website to the builder, whereas the same service is free with Novi Builder.

Novi Builder Customer Support

Novi Builder isn’t big on customer support, as opposed to other website building service providers. The platform only has a ticketing system through which you can ask technical questions. You can’t contact the support team via email, phone, or live chat. 

The ticketing system is available at all times, and you can expect a response within a few working days. 


Novi Builder is an easy-to-use solution that integrates coding with a drag-and-drop editor. The company prides itself on its 35+ flexible HTML templates that can be a great starting point for any website. Also, Novi Builder offers a trial version where you can test its features. 

The platform’s tools are ideal for those with a little coding knowledge who want to build highly customized websites.

I hope this Novi Builder review helps you find the right website builder for your needs. 



Is Novi Builder good? 

Novi Builder is a good website building solution with many advanced features for crafting powerful websites.

Is Novi Builder free? 

Novi Builder has a free trial version where you can test out its services. That said, you need to subscribe if you want to build a website with it. 

What is Novi Builder? 

Novi Builder is a website building tool that offers a drag-and-drop and coding editor. The company doesn’t provide web hosting or domain registration services, but you should read the full Novi Builder review to learn more.