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Squarespace Pricing Australia [What You Need to Know]

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated April, 17, 2022

Squarespace has become one of the best-known and most popular tools for building a website. Are you wondering which Squarespace pricing in Australia will suit your business needs and budget? In this review, I’ll write about all the available plans for Australian customers, additional costs, comparisons to other companies, and more.

Squarespace Pricing in Australia: Overview

Squarespace is a simple drag-and-drop website building platform that can be ideal for Australian companies. Its user interface is so friendly that even beginners will have no trouble creating a simple e-commerce site.

Squarespace has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, so you can test it before you commit. Plus, all of the platform’s annual plans include a 14-day money-back guarantee

Squarespace also offers student discounts, with the current one being 50% off for a monthly plan. You can choose from a wide range of Squarespace pricing options for personal and business plans. Keep in mind that monthly subscriptions aren’t eligible for a refund. 

The billing cycles are monthly or annual, and you can switch between them to make the payments more manageable.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Let’s compare various plans and help you decide which one is best for you.

Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription (Savings %)
Personal Plan$19$14 (Save 25% annually)
Business Plan$33$23 (Save 30% annually)
Basic Commerce Plan$36$27 (Save 25% annually)
Advanced Commerce Plan$65$49 (Save 25% annually)

Is Squarespace Free?

Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan, but you can avail 14-day free trial. Just go to the website and click “Get Started” or “Start A Free Trial.” At the end of your trial, you’ll receive an email with an option to extend the duration by seven days so that the trial period can last up to 21 days. If you want to continue using the platform after that, you must choose one of the paid Squarespace plans.

Differences Between Personal and Business Plans

The Personal and Business plans have adequate features that suit most users. You can use drag-and-drop tools to build your site’s layout, add items in a navigation menu, and upload image galleries. 

The Personal plan is the cheapest, and it’s good enough for most websites. In contrast, the Business plan is more expensive, but it offers ecommerce functionality, third-party tools, advanced metrics, and marketing features. 

Differences Between Basic and Advance Commerce Plans

Squarespace provides two commerce plans — Basic and Advanced. Both are ideally suited for startup retailers who are new to ecommerce and ambitious businesses that aim to expand the market and need a more advanced shipping setup. 

The Basic and Advanced plans are ideal if your primary goal is selling online. But the Squarespace ecommerce pricing differs for each. The Basic plan costs $27 per month for an annual subscription, saving you 25% compared to the monthly subscription. The Advance plan is the most expensive. You’ll spend $49 a month for an annual subscription but save 25% on the month-to-month payment.

Billing Cycles

Squarespace lets you choose between monthly and annual billing, but you can’t pay for multiple years at a time. Still, you can switch your billing at any time. To do so, you must open your Account Dashboard and click the “Edit” button. 

You can pay early and save up to 30%. Also, you can cancel Squarespace subscriptions at any time. Just log into your Account, click Security Settings, look for the Subscription section, and click “Cancel Subscription.”

The platform offers many payment options. Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, and AfterPay are all available to integrate directly with your website. Australian-based businesses can integrate with AfterPay, also available for the USA and New Zealand. 

Additional Charges

It’s a relatively cheap website builder. But although the plans seem very affordable, many hidden additional Squarespace costs can increase your payment.

Domain Name

All Squarespace plans include a free domain but only for the first year. After that, you’ll need to pay for it. It’s typically around $20 to $70 per year.

Transaction Fees

The commerce plans don’t have any transaction fees. But if you choose a Business plan, there will be additional Squarespace fees of 3%.


In Squarespace, extensions are the equivalent of add-ons that come with different pricing and features. But the platform doesn’t take any responsibility for technical problems with third-party plugins. 

Email Campaigns

You can use the Squarespace Email Campaigns tools to create, send, and manage professional email marketing campaigns directly from your website. You can choose an initial email campaign free trial, but you’ll have to upgrade to one of four monthly plans later. 

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Which Plan Should You Choose?

Let’s compare the plans and find out which one is best for you:

  • The Personal plan is the best choice if you’re just starting with a new website and need the bare essentials to get it up and running. For this plan, the Squarespace price is $14 per month (annual subscription). It’s an excellent choice for startups that need to save money. 
  • The Business plan is ideal for businesses and online shops that need premium blocks and ecommerce but not too advanced features. With this plan, you’ll get marketing integrations, premium blocks, free Google workspace, and Code injection.
  • The Basic Commerce Plan provides small online shops with most of the selling tools they’ll need. With this plan, you’ll get many essential Squarespace features, including the option to sell on Instagram, POS system, and ecommerce analytics
  • The Advanced Commerce Plan is great for online shops looking to increase sales income and use flexible shipping options. The benefits include the flexible Squarespace ecommerce website builder, gift cards, extra discount code capabilities, abandoned cart recovery, and real-time shipping rate. 

Is Squarespace Expensive?

Though pricing shouldn’t be the main priority while looking for the best website builder, it can influence your final decision. Let’s compare the prices of website builders on the market with Squarespace.

For starters, the Weebly and Squarespace prices are quite similar. But unlike Squarespace, Weebly has an entirely free plan. Also, its cheapest plan for an annual subscription starts from $14. So if you just need a basic website for an affordable price, Weebly is the best choice. But if your goal is growing a business or an online store, Squarespace is better. 

Similar to Squarespace, Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period, so you can test each platform without paying a dollar. The two website builders have similar price plans, covering various features and user accounts. If you’re looking for a much more affordable option, Squarespace is a better choice. With only $49 per month, it provides advanced and flexible features. 

Comparing Squarespace and WordPress prices is a bit more challenging. Squarespace doesn’t offer a free plan, but it has four premium ones with different benefits. WordPress is free to download and use, but you have to pay for hosting and domain name.

Squarespace Pricing vs Wix

Both Squarespace and Wix offer different plans for various business stages. Wix provides an entirely free plan, whereas Squarespace has a 14-day trial. 

Wix’s Combo plan is cheaper than Squarespace’s Personal plan. So if you’re looking for an affordable option, Wix is the obvious choice. If you have a limited budget, it’s also worth considering which features and tools you need. Also, both Wix and Squarespace provide the option to activate your own SSL certificate.


Squarespace is a powerful website builder with an impeccable reputation that can be the ideal solution for many Australian businesses. The platform is excellent for beginners who want to build a simple ecommerce site. If you want to keep in close contact with your customers, Squarespace also offers perfectly integrated email marketing that lets you send automatic messages and newsletters. In short, Squarespace is a good option to create your ecommerce site in no time.


Is Squarespace available in Australia?

Yes, Squarespace is available to Australian customers.

How costly is Squarespace?

Compared to other website builders, the Squarespace pricing in Australia is affordable. The platform doesn’t offer a free plan, but it has a 14-day free trial. 

How much does it cost to build a Squarespace website?

Squarespace designers set their prices that depend on their skill level and years of experience. Newer designers will typically charge $1000 or less for a website.

Is Squarespace really unlimited?

Squarespace’s plans provide access to a library of professionally designed templates. All plans include unlimited bandwidth and storage. So you can upload as much content as you need and attract as many customers as possible without upgrading.