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2022 uKit Review – All Details in One Place


  • Efficient site setup
  • Affordable
  • Quick load times
  • Unlimited disk space, pages, and visitors


  • Fewer design options than competitors’
  • May not have all the needed customization
ukit review

Average Rating: 9

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Do you have your own business but not a website to promote your products or services? uKit can provide an eye-catching website, even if you have no idea how to code.

Before we start, you should know that I usually create multiple websites on a website-building platform and then write a detailed review based on my experience. I’ve taken the same steps to provide you with an in-depth uKit review.

Read on to learn more about uKit features, eCommerce options, pricing plans, and customer support.

uKit Overview

uKit entered the website development market in 2015. But the builder’s parent company, the uKit Group, has been around since 2005. Its first product was uCoz — a developer-friendly website builder.

In 2015, the uKit Group took a different approach to website creation and presented uKit — a code-free website builder. Its editor has a drag and drop functionality, but if you need assistance, you’ll likely find the answers to all your questions in the extensive knowledge base. Plus, there’s a 14-day trial period, so you can check it out yourself. 

Who Can Benefit the Most From uKit’s Services?

  • Businesses — I’m sure you’ll find at least several landing page templates and, with mild editing, they can be perfect for your business, no matter the industry. 
  • Artists — Because it’s effortless to modify the themes, it’s great for musicians, photographers, graphic designers, and others in the art industry. Here, you’ll find beautiful themes for portfolios.
  • Online sellers — With a Pro plan, you can add an eCommerce store to your website with checkout and shopping cart.

Main Features

  • eCommerce tools — You can add your product catalogue, forms for orders, shipping and payment methods, and promo codes.  
  • Drag and drop editorYou don’t need any coding knowledge, and you can move the website elements as you want.
  • Analytics tool — You’ll have access to statistics, and all plans except Minimal can use Google Analytics.  
  • SEO features — Here, you can add a sitemap of your website, meta tags, and other options to help you gain more visibility on search engines
  • Integrations You can add various integration options in just two clicks.  

Setup Process

Screenshot of ukit homepage

My first step in this website-building journey was to create an account with my email address. Alternatively, you can connect with your Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or uID account.

Screenshot of ukit setup process 1

In the second step, you have to choose a template. Then, you can browse through the categories and preview different uKit website examples.

Screenshot of ukit setup process 2

In the third step, you need to pick a domain name for your website.

Screenshot of ukit setup process 3

Upon setting up a domain name, you’ll see a quick tutorial about the main features and how the editor works. You can also skip the tutorial if you wish.

After that, I started exploring the uKit website editor, which, at first sight, looked like a coherent website-building tool.

Ease of Use

The uKit site editor left a positive impression on me as becoming fluent with the system was a simple task. Getting a full grasp of the editor’s main components didn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

You’ll find all the tools you need to customise a website on the left side of the page. There, you can easily add and manage web pages, essential site elements and modify the template’s design.

The Adaptive tab is a neat feature, too. It lets you check how your website looks on different screens and determine if anything needs adjusting. That’s particularly valuable to optimise your website for mobile devices and tablets. 

Drag and Drop

The uKit builder lets you interact with the website creation tools via drag-and-drop functionality. Apart from its many widgets, you can add and edit pre-made uKit blocks, including headlines, content, and blank blocks.

screenshot of ukit website editor

uKit design reviews confirm that the drag-and-drop functionality works flawlessly. That convenience and simplicity make using the uKit editor an enjoyable experience. It’s beginner-friendly and can even compete with popular website builders like Wix.

Image and Content Editing

screenshot of ukit image editor

The uKit image editor offers many options. Its advanced tools include a drawing tool, flipping, rotating, adding icons, shapes, and text. You can also pick aspect ratios and freely crop your images.

Apart from its cropping tool, the editor supports resizing images via the zoom in/out feature, image captions, and alt attributes.

uKit’s media library features several free images, while the more extensive collection contains stock photography from DepositPhotos. Additionally, you can upload your own photos or import them from social media accounts.

screenshot of ukit content editor

uKit reviews from its users confirm the platform supports easy-to-use content editing tools, like text formatting, colour, and style options.

Moreover, the builder features different types of content widgets to help you further enhance your website content. Besides adding text and heading widgets, you can also implement price lists, tables, or user reviews into the website structure.


The website builder features over 200 templates. Its library has various categories, including Business & Finance, Games, Food, and Software & Apps. Also, you can sort the templates by predominant colours and popularity. The New category displays the latest additions to the uKit themes library.

The builder also separates single and multi-page website designs. So if you plan on creating a portfolio or event website, you’ll find what you need on the One Pager category.

All uKit themes are compatible with different devices. While building your website, you can edit its appearance for desktop, tablet, and mobile from the Adaptive View tab. To ensure you’ll get a responsive template, you can hide or show specific elements on different versions of your website.

screenshot of ukit templates

uKit recommends using only one floating widget (e.g., LiveChat or Social Share) to ensure it works properly on mobile devices. The builder also suggests disabling block images for better loading times on tablet and mobile devices.

uKit Website Examples

In this section, I want to give a glimpse of a few templates. 


The designs are stunning, but they differ significantly, so I picked two templates from the general category.  

screenshot of ukit general template 1

The second one has a different navigation bar with more pages and a blog section. 

screenshot of ukit general template 2


If you have a business that needs online representation, uKit won’t disappoint with its amazing designs. 

screenshot of ukit business template

Online Store

The templates for eCommerce shops are great, too. They’re highly customizable, and I’m sure you’ll find a suitable one for your online shop.

screenshot of ukit online shop template

uKit Pricing

While uKit doesn’t offer a free plan, you can use the 14-day trial period and its 14-day money-back guarantee to find the best plan for you. There are four plans:

  • Minimal
  • Basic
  • eCommerce
  • Pro
screenshot of ukit pricing plans

When it comes to billing practices, uKit offers five subscription types:

  • Monthly
  • Three-month
  • Six-month
  • Yearly
  • Two-year 

The longer your subscription is, the greater the discount. You can purchase uKit plans via a bank card (Visa, JCB, and MasterCard) or PayPal.

Let’s see what you get with each of the premium plans, so you can make up your mind easier.

Paid Plans

The Minimal plan comes with the following:

  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Connect a custom domain
  • Add unlimited domains
  • All uKit templates
  • uKit hosting
  • Website backups (up to 10)
  • 24/7 support team

The Basic plan includes everything from the Minimal plan. Also, it covers live chat support, dynamic text, and Google Analytics integration. Plus, you won’t have the uKit emblem on your website. The uKit eCommerce plan lets you add eCommerce functionality to your site, which is the only difference compared to the Basic plan. 

With the Pro plan, you unlock options to add custom colour schemes and custom code.

Note that the Minimal and Basic plans let you try the eCommerce features for free, but once the trial period is over, you need to upgrade to an eCommerce or Pro plan to continue using them.

uKit Features 

uKit comes with the typical website builder features, including:

  • Free uKit Domain name
  • SSL security
  • Blogging
  • SEO features
  • Google Analytics
  • Images and videos
  • Forms
  • Flexible design (mobile-friendly)
  • Integrations
  • uKit domain email

Let’s break some of these down. Security is vital, so it’s great news that you get an SSL certificate for your uKit site. Additionally, all sites made with the builder are mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to stress over device types.

Lastly, having Google Analytics on your site will give you a much clearer picture of your customers and how you can improve your content.


The great thing about uKit is that you get unlimited disk space, pages, and visitors no matter which plan you’re on. That takes the stress out of wondering how much you can load to your site.

Design Features

uKit wants you to have the best possible design opportunities. The platform includes a few cool features:

  • Online calculator: An interesting way to increase user interactions with your site, services, and products. For instance, you can use it to calculate pricing based on selected options. 
  • Fonts: You’ll find plenty of the standard fonts you can pair. Also, uKit design reviews from web developers show they enjoy the custom options.
  • Widgets: They help you simplify your sire. The cool thing with uKit is that you can add animations to them, making the widgets more eye-catching. 

The whole point of uKit is to keep things simple, so the drag and drop and the range of design features are handy. You can find everything on your dashboard.

Online Store

Setting up the uKit Online Store is straightforward. You simply add products, descriptions, and pricing. There are also many extras, like widgets, Learn More buttons, and size product options. 

Based on my uKit review, you can set up shipping delivery options and pricing. Additionally, you can choose currencies and units of measure, making it very convenient for users. 

Plus, you can integrate multiple payment gateways into your stores, like PayPal and Wallet One.  Adding promotions to your store is also super simple.


I ran many websites made by uKit through an online speed test, and the results were pretty good. With PageSpeed Insights, megabytemedics.com received a score of 93, while a lot of websites had more or less similar results.

performance test of the website made by ukit


You know how vital a backup is if you’ve been in the web design industry. Working long hours on a project and losing the files by accident is one of the worst feelings. Fortunately, uKit offers an automatic weekly backup of your site, or you can backup manually as you see fit.

Features Table

Flexible design (mobile-friendly)All sites are suitable for mobile use5
FontsPick from automatic fonts or create your own5
StorageGet unlimited disk space5
Drag-and-drop editorMake changes quickly and conveniently5
SEO featuresHelps with optimizing your content creation process5
Google AnalyticsFind out who your users are and where they come from5
BackupAvailable automatic and manual backups5
Unlimited disk space, pages, and visitorsCreate as much content as you need without risking storage space5
eCommerceMultiple online payment integrations4
WidgetsAdd interactive elements to your site5
AnimationsCreate interesting and unique designs4
Images and videosAdd media to your gallery5
IntegrationsLink and manage the third-party integrations you need5
PerformanceImpressive load times4
FormsGive your users a way to contact you or sign up for your services5
Payment GatewaysLink multiple payment options, like Wallet One5
Online calculatorHelp customers by letting them check the pricing depending on what they select5
ShippingAdd and edit shipping methods and pricing5
Domain nameCreate a unique domain name or import an existing one5
SSL securityGet a free SSL certificate when you sign up5
BloggingCreate digital content directly for users 5

uKit Reviews and Ratings

Most customers enjoy the builder saying that it’s easy to use, inexpensive, and has everything you might need for a quality site. Still, one customer found some of the uKit app features a bit slow. 

There aren’t many reviews to go off, but from what I can see most are happy with the service. The platform scores 4.2 stars on G2 and 4 stars on TrustPilot.

uKit vs Squarespace

uKit and Squarespace are great options for small businesses that want to build their online presence quickly. 

Squarespace offers more customization, but it comes at a cost. Four plans are available, ranging from $19-65 per month. For more details, check my overview of Squarespace. With uKit, the plans range between $9-$15 per month.

uKit Alternatives 

If you want to make a website, blog, or online store, it’s good to start with an in-depth builder comparison. That’s where I come in. Let’s have a look at the top competitors.

uKit vs Tilda

Both website builders have the basic features you’ll need, but they differ in plan options. 

With uKit, you get unlimited disk space and pages no matter which plans you select. The uKit pricing includes four plans — Minimal, Basic, eCommerce, and Pro, ranging from $9-$15 per month. In contrast, Tilda offers a set amount of pages (500) for your selected plan. There are two paid plans — Personal ($10 per month) and Business ($20 per month).

uKit vs Wix

Wix is among the most popular website builders, with over 200 million users. It’s been around since 2006, so it has a lot of experience to offer. Also, Wix stands out with its design templates and customizability. In my opinion, it has the best variety and will outdo any other builder in this regard. 

But if you’re looking for a way to get your site up and running quickly and affordably, uKit is the way to go. 

uKit Customer Service

uKit provides customer support via email in a feedback form. Alternatively, you can look for answers in the builder’s knowledge base.

screenshot of ukit knowledge base

I reached out to the customer support team and found that uKit doesn’t offer phone support at this time. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by uKit’s email support team. I got in touch with them on multiple occasions. Even though their response times varied from minutes to several hours, I always got accurate and precise answers.


uKit is a highly affordable website builder with fantastic features, like an online calculator, multiple third-party integrations, and interesting design options. Plus, setting up a store is super simple with the uKit Online Store widget.

I’d recommend the builder to businesses or individuals that need a quick setup with all the basics.


Is uKit legit?

Absolutely. uKit is a legit website builder with great features for small business owners that want to get their sites going fast at a reasonable price.

How much does uKit cost?

The pricing for the four annual plans is between $6.30-$10.50 per month. uKit’s monthly plans range between $9-$15 per month. 

Can I buy a domain through uKit?

Yes, my uKit review shows you can bring your own domain name to your site or purchase one from the platform.