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Web Hosting vs Domain [Definitions and Differences]

Written by, Dimitar F

Updated April, 12, 2022

Building a website requires a clear understanding of web hosting vs domain. While closely related, these are different services. In this article, we’ll discuss what each of them is and how much it costs. So keep reading till the end. 

What Is Website Hosting?

Web hosting provides a server that stores your site’s information. That includes website files like coding, images, and video. Visitors can view these files when they access your domain (more on that later).

The space allocated to each website on the server depends on the hosting service the site owner has chosen. The main types of hosting are:

  • Shared hosting 
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress hosting 
  • Dedicated hosting 
  • Cloud hosting 
  • Reseller hosting

Each hosting service differs in management, speed, and other features. 

So what is a web host? Web hosting services have secured servers and a professional team that keeps an eye on your website’s security. When you entrust your website’s performance to a reliable hosting provider, there’s nothing to worry about.

The Cost of Web Hosting in Australia 

The cost of a web hosting service in Australia depends on the package you choose. The average price ranges around $4.39–$9.95. 

What Is a Website Domain?

A web domain is an address visitors use to access your website. It’s replaces the internet protocol (IP) address, which is hard to memorize. The transition between the two happens through domain providers. If you don’t know the DNS definition, we have a dedicated article on that. Generally, domain names have three parts:

  • Third-level domain — www. 
  • Secondary-level domain — Your website’s name 
  • Top-level domain — .com/.net 

In some countries, webmasters must purchase a ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain). These are country-specific domains representing a website’s national presence, like .br (Brazil) or .ca (Canada). 

The Cost of a Web Domain in Australia 

Web domains have different prices based on their SEO-friendliness. In short, the closer your domain name is to a highly searched keyword, the more expensive it’ll be. 

According to Sydney Morning Herald, the most expensive domain ever sold in Australia was flowers.com.au at a whopping $153,000. Here are some more must-know domain facts

Web Hosting vs Domain

A web domain and hosting a website are like a peanut butter and jelly. They’re incomplete without each other. While the former provides a name for your website, the latter is like a computer that stores your website’s files and data. Here are more differences between the two:

Web Hosting Web Domain 
Stores all the data of a websiteIt replaces the website’s IP address
Requires a web server on the backendDoesn’t require a web server on the backend 
Web hosting can be through a personal computerWeb domains are sold at Domain Name System

Most web owners need a CMS to add more functionality to their business. So it’s helpful to know more about the CMS definition

Before You Start Building a Website

A domain name and web hosting are essential services you need before building a website. They’re the foundation of your online presence, so you can’t have one without the other. That’s why many domain providers also offer web hosting. But you can always find a different web host after you purchase a domain. 

Buying Domain Name and Web Hosting From the Same Company

Buying web hosting and domain services from the same company can save you hundreds of dollars per year. That’s because some web hosting services provide free domains. But don’t expect to find $10,000 available for free with your web hosting provider. Here are the pros and cons of buying web hosting and domain from the same company: 

  • Better rates
  • Better services
  • Better discounts
  • Some web domain providers don’t have a powerful server, so your site might face lag.
  • Web domain providers frequently update their servers to match their client’s requirements, resulting in short downtimes. 

Buying Domain Name and Web Hosting From Different Companies

Buying from different companies means you purchased your web hosting and domain name from separate entities. There are a few benefits and downsides to this:

  • Better web speed 
  • Cheaper rates 
  • You’ll have to communicate with two separate companies. 

Website Builders 

Another popular option for web domains and hosting services are website builders. These are online platforms where you can create an account and build your website. And you don’t have to be a coding expert. You can use drag and drop to make your website. That’s one of Webflow’s website features.

You can get added functionalities through plugins on the website builder’s platform. It’s a recent yet popular method of creating a dynamic or static website. Some of the most popular website builders are:

  • WordPress 
  • Squarespace 
  • Wix 

These and other website building platforms provide a domain name and web hosting for users. It’s the full package. You don’t have to navigate between websites or reach out to different companies when you face problems. Plus, website builders have powerful hosting services.

In addition, you can link your domain from another site to your website building platform. That way, you’ll only buy hosting services from the website builder, allowing you to centralize at least some portion of your work.

Many people purchase their domain and website hosting services from their web building platform. But you can’t always find your favorite domain through your website builder, and you might have to buy it from another site.

Website building platforms provide many other services, including:

  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Customer support
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Hosting
  • Ad design
  • Social media management
  • Search Engine Optimization

Wrap Up 

Web hosting vs domain are two different services. Each has its importance, and they’re incomplete without one another. 

Web owners can buy web hosting and domain services from the same provider. But if you don’t feel like using one platform for multiple services, you can always choose another site for web hosting.

Website builders are an excellent option if you want to launch your business quickly. For instance, platforms like Shopify have a wide selection of ecommerce plugins and features. Also, Shopify provides domain and web hosting services. If you prefer having your website services under one umbrella, a website building platform is the best choice. 


What is the difference between website hosting and domain?

Although web hosting and a domain name are incomplete without each other, they’re different. While web hosting is like renting a computer to save your website data, a domain is simply your website’s name. At the beginning of internet history, websites didn’t have names. Instead, they were represented by numbers. Web domains replaced these numbers with humen-friendly names that are easier to memorize.

Can I use hosting without a domain?

It’s impossible to use hosting without a domain because you need a website to host. To understand that better, you need a better idea of the web hosting vs domain definitions. Buying hosting means saving your website data on a remote server. If you don’t have a domain, you don’t have a web IP address, meaning you don’t have a website. So hosting without a domain isn’t possible.