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2022 Webflow Review – Everything You Need to Know


  • A lot of creative freedom
  • Impressive servers
  • Plenty of educational material


  • Not beginner-friendly
  • It lacks multilingual option
webflow review

Average Rating: 9

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Webflow is a web designing tool that counters the design silos and gives you full flexibility to drag and drop features that are coded behind the scenes. Thanks to its “freedom of design,” people call it the WordPress killer, but is it truly worth the hype? Let’s find out in this Webflow review.

Webflow Overview 

Webflow launched in August 2013 and quickly became an internet sensation with several mentions in reputable press websites like eLearningInside and TechRepublic. The company has $215 million in funds, and its 2021 value stood at $2.1 Billion. Also, Webflow has a solid user base of 3.5 million members. The team hires its employees globally and offers remote work, too. 

Webflow’s mission is to empower web designers and entrepreneurs. The platform helps you create the websites you want, and it’s like an online and much-advanced version of Adobe XD. In short, Webflow has a bright future. 

Who Can Benefit the Most From Webflow’s Services?

Webflow is an open-source website-building tool that works for everyone. Still, I highly recommend the platform if you fall into one of the groups below.


Webflow’s services are tailored to empower designers, as its mission statement says. Personally, after using the tool, I think the platform’s on the right track. With Webflow, designers could boost their market worth by creating fully functional websites. 

Aside from that, the company can help you start your own venture. For instance, you can create websites with a domain name and server and sell them to clients who need a ready-made site. 


Entrepreneurs can further reduce the delay between the designer and the programmer. Overall, Webflow is an excellent tool for creative and bright minds. But it might need a few upgrades before I can call it “the best web designing tool online.”


Freelance designers can significantly improve their income with the Webflow website builder. Since the tool allows you to bill clients directly from the site with markup, you don’t need to rely on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. 

If you have a design agency, you can deliver bulk orders through Webflow. Its system combines design and development, creating stunning websites born from your creativity. 

Who Won’t Benefit from Webflow 

Webflow is definitely not a platform for beginners. So if you’re new, I recommend you go through the tutorial and online videos to understand how to mould your creativity into Webflow sites. 

Webflow Main Features 

One of the selling points of website-building tools is templates. The more options you have, the better you can design. But Webflow has redefined this conventional thinking and added a customization feature to help you create unique shapes and designs. The platform achieves this by dividing the Webflow templates site-building tools into four categories

  • Design
  • CMS
  • Editing
  • Hosting

Is Webflow Easy to Use? 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or looking to make a straightforward blogging website, ease of use is essential to decide whether it’s worth investing in an online site-building tool. While Webflow isn’t quite beginner-friendly, it opens a world of opportunities for those who master it. 

Plenty of assets will help you understand how the platform works. Plus, there are pre-designed templates, too. You can select a theme and edit it according to your brand goals.

Setup Process 

Webflow is an online tool that doesn’t require installation. All you need to do is signup, and you’re good to go. You’ll only have to verify your email address, a standard procedure. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need a strong system with enough RAM to support all Webflow functions. Plus, your internet must be lag-free, or you risk losing your work. Still, the Webflow server doesn’t cause any hindrance, so if you’re confident in your workstation and internet, designing a stunning website will be a breeze. 

Webflow Themes 

Webflow has an arsenal of 1000+ themes you can customize from head to toe. The platform offers HTML5 responsive themes designed for all devices, including iPhones, tablets, Android, Mac, and Windows. 

Webflow provides a centralized platform to derive innovative designs for different industries. Here’s a quick breakdown.


The Webflow Business theme section is an umbrella term for all industries that work online. It includes digital agencies, content marketing agencies, and online services. Here, you can find everything — from one-page designs that put content on the forefront to multiple page layouts you can tweak to your liking.

screenshot of webflow business templates


The Hotel Webflow templates put content and visuals at the forefront of your site, conveying your value proposition. These templates are easy to customize and offer limitless creativity. Although the themes are slightly expensive, they come with excellent hosting support and a Server Level Agreement that promises your site up and running 99.9% of the time. 

screenshot of webflow templates for the travel industry

Online Stores 

Webflow provides the same features and tools as other ecommerce site-building platforms except for a few tweaks. For instance, the site has different plans for people who want to design an online store.

Let’s look at some Webflow Bespoke templates in different categories:

screenshot of webflow templates for the tech industry

Besides these templates, you can check out other themes offered by Webflow on their site

Webflow Pricing 

You can use Webflow for free. That said, if you want more functionalities, you’ll have to upgrade sooner or later. Otherwise, you’ll have full control over all design elements, but you won’t have a dedicated domain. Plus, you’ll be limited to working on two projects only.

screenshot of webflow website builder pricing plans

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is suitable for small business owners or individuals to rank their site in a specific niche. 

You get 100 form submissions per month, and if you want more, you’ll have to upgrade. Price-wise, the basic package is pretty good compared to other site-building tools. Check Webnode’s pricing plans in more detail to find the one that suits you best.

CMS Plan

The Webflow CMS plan is much better than the Basic in every way. For starters, you only have to pay $4 more to get 10 times the form submissions and 5 times the monthly visitors. Plus, it’s an excellent plan for small businesses and bloggers looking to rank their site for Amazon Affiliate. Aside from all the Basic plan Webflow features, you get 60 RPM API requests per minute.

Business Plan 

The Business plan pushes for more power when your site grows into an internet sensation. It’s ideal for medium-sized businesses or blog sites with 500,000 monthly visitors. Plus, if you’re after Amazon marketing, the plan will help you increase your revenue. With 500,000 monthly visitors, you have a higher chance of affiliate sales. 

Besides all the goodies, you also get 10 content editors and site search features. Use these tools to gain traction fast. 79% of users will prefer your competitors if your content’s not good.

Enterprise Plan

Here’s a plan for the top players in the market. If you wish to migrate your site from a different website tool, the Enterprise is your best bet. 

The plan doesn’t have any initial rates, so you’ll have to discuss that with Webflow’s customer service. But from the looks of it, you get everything premium — “custom” web visitors, 400 GB+ bandwidth, unlimited form submissions, and 10,000 collection items.

For payment methods, my Webflow ecommerce review confirms that the platform accepts all debit and credit cards, including PayPal and Stripe.

Webflow Free vs. Paid 

Webflow free is excellent for checking the tool and learning the ropes. But if you plan to get serious, the paid plans have several features you can benefit from. 

While the free version won’t block your creativity, you won’t have a dedicated domain name, which can significantly affect your site’s SEO. Also, the paid plans have other goodies like high bandwidth and more monthly visitors. 

Webflow Review — Feature Details 

Storage SpaceEach pricing plan comes with ample storage space. The only time you’ll need to upgrade is when your site visitors increase. 10 
SEO ToolsWebflow SEO gives your site plenty of headroom. The backend coding is clean, allowing search engines to rank and index your site without issues. Webflow has some pretty good SEO tools but not as good as WordPress.9
HostingThe platform has one of the best hosting services. So much so that the company makes an SLA with its customers.10 
HTML CodeThe HTML site coding is a bit laggy but holds its own.8
Designer FeaturesThe Webflow features for design boost your creativity and give you opportunities to express your website style. 10 
BlogThe blogging tool is powerful because of its flexible design that puts content at the forefront. Plus, the CMS is smooth and very easy to understand.10 
Restore & BackupWebflow automatically backs up your site if your internet connection is lost. During the test I made, the platform didn’t fail to load my latest changes. Also, it has a timer by which it saves your changes. 10
AnimationsWebflow animations are pretty cool, and it’s all because of the designer-oriented approach. 10 
SecurityThe data is encrypted end-to-end between the server and your site. Plus, you automatically get an SSL certificate.10 
PerformanceThe platform claims to host the fastest sites on the planet thanks to its upgraded servers. Webflow also states that your site will load instantaneously with a proper internet connection. 10 
Ecommerce FeaturesComparing Shopify vs. Webflow, I found the latter delivers a stronger and faster ecommerce site experience. That’s because of Webflow’s latest upgrade.10 
AnalyticsThe platform offers detailed analytics with monthly reports, and you can also link to Google Analytics.10 
Add-OnsThe company is relatively new on the market, but it has already gained popularity. That said, it lacks the extensive plugin library that Webflow competitors offer. 
Social Media IntegrationWebflow has built-in social media integration, but you can download more add-ons, too.10
CMSThe powerful CMS feature provides a modern take on web designing.10
Customizable FormsWebflow has one of the best customizable form options that change the layout and content in a few clicks. It gives you complete freedom and as much space as you like per section.10
Tax CalculationsThe tax calculator can use an upgrade. It’s not ideal for countries with more than one VAT. 7
Payment OptionsWebflow covers all the payment options your customers might use, so you won’t have to worry about missing any leads.10
Newsletter ToolThe tool gives you complete access to the layout, design, shape, and content. It’s all up to you and your imagination. 10 
LanguagesWebflow doesn’t have multilingual capabilities, but it plans to add them in the future.0

Webflow Reviews and Ratings

The Webflow ratings on Trustpilot aren’t exciting. It receives 40% excellent, 5% great, and 42% bad ratings. Most customers complain about the tool’s complexity, but there are training materials on the website. Also, Webflow’s customer service is often mentioned as “dead slow” because there are no live chat or call options.

Webflow’s Main Competitor 

Webflow isn’t the only online website-building tool on the market. And if that’s your first rodeo, you’ll be surprised to see who the platform is up against.


Apart from WordPress, Wix is a prime Webflow competitor. While both tools offer a code-free web designing experience, Wix is much more affordable. If you’re still deciding which one to choose, take a look at some companies that are just like Wix.

Webflow Alternatives 

Webflow has several alternatives, but Squarespace and WordPress are the closest. These online tools offer similar features but at an affordable price. Plus, they’ve been in the market longer and have more credibility.


When it comes to Webflow vs WordPress, many mention the latter as the CM king because of its overwhelming popularity and ease of use. The platform has been known to keep its customers satisfied with fresh updates and add-ons, plus its user-friendly interface is the talk of the town. 


Squarespace is an award-winning online website builder that follows WordPress’ footsteps. It has a user-friendly interface, a simple design, and an extensive theme library. 

Webflow Customer Support 

The Webflow customer support is pretty helpful. I contacted the team several times while writing my Webflow review, but none were related to any actual queries. 

The major drawback is that you can reach the team by email only. I had a simple question where live chat would have sufficed. But the team is globally available 24 hours from Monday to Friday.


What is Webflow? It’s a full-featured online website builder that has gained tremendous popularity. The tool enjoys a solid customer base and plenty of cash in fundings. 

The platform offers unlimited customizability and full control over your website design. That said, you might see some negative reviews online about the tool’s complexity. Although there’s a learning curve to mastering Webflow, once you do, web development turns into flawless and easy to understand design.


Is Webflow really that good?

If you invest a bit of time in Webflow and go through the how-to materials, you’ll create a fantastic website. But if you need more options, check the alternative section above to see how the tool compares to others.

Is Webflow worth the cost?

Webflow isn’t on the expensive side. Plus, with everything it offers, it’s well worth the cost. 

Which is better — Wix or Webflow?

Both have pros and cons. So the question is what you’re looking for in a website builder. Check my Webflow review above for a full comparison to WordPress.