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Wix Review 2022 [Pricing, Features & Alternatives]


  • Excellent templates
  • It's Flexible
  • Automatic Site Backup
  • There's an Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)


  • You cannot switch between themes
  • Slow mobile loading speed
wix review

Average Rating: 9.4

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Wix is a do-it-yourself website-building platform with over 200 million registered users from 190 countries. Compared to similar platforms, like Weebly and Squarespace, Wix is among the most popular ones. 

I’ve written a detailed Wix review based on my own experience with this website builder. I’ll cover ease-of-use, themes, features, pricing, and possible alternatives.

What Is Wix?

Founded in 2006, Wix is an Israeli company that provides web-based website building. It’s one of the most popular options because it’s easy to use, there’s a free version, and all its websites are automatically mobile-friendly. No wonder the number of Wix users is growing each year, and it’ll undoubtedly continue to do so. 

You’ll learn how to use the drag and drop editor in no time because there’s no coding involved. Also, there are tips to help you out if you’re unsure how to use some tools. I’ll go into more details on the editor a bit later.

Who Can Benefit the Most from Wix’s Services?

Considering how many templates there are and that you can change them a bit, Wix is a superb solution for various people and industries:

  • Bloggers: Many useful tools, like SEO features, can make your blog stand out. 
  • Online Store: With so many designs, I’m sure you’ll find a perfect one for your business.
  • Businesses: If your company needs a website, you can make exactly what you want with the customisation options.
  • Artists: The portfolio templates are excellent for photographers, logo makers, musicians, or anyone else in the design industry who wants to showcase their work.

Main Features

Wix is offering all the tools you might need:

  • Integrations — With Wix Market App, you can get many tools for your website or online store.
  • SEO tools — You can improve your website’s ranking and much more with Wix’s search engine optimisation features.
  • Marketing Tools — You can integrate Google Analytics and helpful financial tools.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor — With Wix editor, you can change backgrounds, and fonts, add buttons, icons, and much more.
  • Mobile-Friendly — Every page you add to the website will be automatically modified to fit nicely on mobile.
  • Image and Content Editor — With the image editor, you can add, cut, and resize images, and add text to them. Also, the content editor lets you change text, paragraphs, fonts, or the size of letters.

 Ease of Use

So how does Wix Work? The platform is a WYSIWYG website builder which allows for instant content preview. Once you enter the website editor, everything’s in the perfect place. The main editing tools are on the left side of the webpage. Once you select any of them, more options will appear.

New Wix users might feel overwhelmed by all the options, but familiarising yourself with the tools doesn’t take long. So, is Wix easy to use? From my personal experience, getting a good grasp of the features and tools is a breeze, and it takes about 20–30 minutes. 

I can say with great confidence that the website is user-friendly. When you click on any icon or element, you’ll see a short description of its purpose. Also, you’ll notice question marks that provide further explanations everywhere. If you get stuck, just click on one of them.

Wix websites look good on all devices as the platform makes your website mobile-friendly automatically. Under the Mobile tab, you can use the Page Layout Optimizer to further tune your site. If you don’t like the changes, you can always reverse them and manage the mobile site layout the way you want it.

Drag and Drop Editor

I tested the front-end editor for this Wix website builder review, and it’s straightforward. It lets you select and change the background, add text, images, videos, buttons, and much more. 

The Drag and Drop feature makes creating a website a real pleasure. Just select a page element and drag it where you want it. The right-click option is helpful as it shows the options for the element you clicked.

Image Editing

I was pleased with all the image editing options. By clicking any image on the site, you’ll see the basic settings. You can resize an image by selecting one of the two options, namely Auto and Stretch. Adding text to describe images on your site is also great from an SEO point of view. 

You can also choose what happens when you click on an image. The options include opening it in a pop-up window, magnifying the image, going to a specific link, or, my least favourite, do nothing.

screenshot of Wix image edtor

But your image editing adventure doesn’t stop here. You can also add frames, apply Wix filters, and select image animations. Cropping images with Wix is another great website-building experience. You can freely do that with custom or lock dimensions at specific widths and heights. Also, there are set crop dimensions: 3:2, 5:3, 4:3, 5:4, 6:4, 7:5, 10:8, and 16:9. You can crop an image to a square, too. Once you’ve finished cropping, you can add text, stickers, or enhance the image.     

Content Editing

Content editing is where you get to experience the website’s user-friendliness. You can easily change texts, paragraphs, text colour, font, and formatting. You can add various media types to your posts, whether that’s an image, video, gallery, or GIF. Also, you can insert HTML embedded code and text dividers.

Screenshot of Wix content editor

Use the advanced settings to optimize your site for search engines. Everything from meta title and description to excerpts is available. You can also preview your content on Google. Aside from this, you can create a mobile-friendly title for your content.

Setup Process

To access the website builder, you have to use your Wix login credentials if you’re an existing user. Alternatively, if this is the first time you visit Wix, you’ll need to register.

There are two ways you can do this. One is to provide your email address and create a password for your Wix website login. The other way is to sign up directly with Facebook or Google.

screenshot of Wix setup process 1

The moment you sign up for Wix, you’ll have to choose the type of website you want to create. You can select one of these categories: 

  • Business
  • Online store
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Designer
  • Restaurant & food
  • Accommodation
  • Events
  • Blog
  • Beauty & wellness
  • Portfolio & CV
screenshot of Wix setup process 2

If none of the categories fits your line of work, you can click on “Other.” Then,  customize one of the templates yourself, or let the Wix ADI create a design for you by answering a few questions about your business.

screenshot of Wix setup process 3

For this Wix website builder review, I decided to create a blog website. After clicking on “Blog,” I could select one of the Wix templates or let the Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) choose one for me. I opted for the first option as I wanted to explore the available themes.


Wix offers a wide range of stunning themes. There are 800+ templates, and the best part is that they’re all free. Unfortunately, you can’t move any of them from Wix servers.

If you want to create your own Wix theme, you can do that, too. Just select one of the blank templates. You can start from scratch or choose a blank template with a few different layouts.

But keep in mind that once you select a template and publish your site, you cannot switch to another. If you struggle to select a template, you can always check out a few Wix website examples.

The website doesn’t support the Retina display yet, but Wix is collecting votes for adding this feature in the future.

All themes are highly responsive regardless of the device you use. As I mentioned earlier, Wix websites are mobile-friendly. The platform also has a separate section for editing your mobile version (Wix mobile editor). The SEO efforts are shown here, too, as you can optimize your content title to display nicely on mobile devices. 

The Wix mobile editor offers tools like the Quick Action Bar and Back to Top button. You can also hide elements from a page, e.g., content not supported on mobile devices. Lastly, your website’s desktop and mobile versions are under a single URL.

Wix Templates

The templates are in the following categories

  • Food & Travel
  • Personal blog
  • Arts
  • News & Business
  • Sport & Wellness
  • Fashion 
  • Podcast

Personal Blog

When it comes to personal blogs, the design is stunning on both desktop and mobile versions. You can add or remove pictures, videos, lists, boxes, forms, decorations, icons and much more.

screenshot of Wix personal blog template 1

Also, blog posts are at the centre of attention. When a visitor scrolls through them, the titles and short descriptions are easy to read.

screenshot of Wix personal blog template 2

Business CV

This design has a few pages, including “About Me,” “Resume,” and “Projects.” There’s also a “Contact me” page where employers can send you an email.

screenshot of Wix professional CV template

It’s a clean design, and you don’t need to change much. But if you want to, you can embed videos, insert pictures, or include lists.

Online Stores

screenshot of Wix online store template 1

There are many designs for online stores, and below, you can see pictures of one for clothing. It’s straightforward, and I’m sure it’ll satisfy your needs if you want to sell online. Note that you can change colours and move the elements around.

screenshot of Wix online store template 2

Wix Features

The Wix website creator is fun, easy, and fast. It has so many features and tools that help you customize your website. In a few hours, you can have your page up and running. 

The platform has everyone covered, from exceptionally designed, ready, and customized templates to intuitive features for easy communication and financial tools. The Wix website design reviews from most users are positive, but let’s explore the features in more detail to see for ourselves. 


Wix takes technical and organizational security measures to keep the user’s and company’s data secure. It offers an SSL encryption certificate for all websites, including the free plan. 

You can rest assured that Wix security protects all your information and your customers. All the information exchanged on the platform is encrypted and isn’t available to unauthorized persons. Additionally, it’s safe for Wix commerce and complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). 

Backup & Restores

Wix is incredibly keen on protecting its websites and user information. It has a site history feature that will automatically create a site revision anytime you publish or save. You can visit the previous versions of your website at any time. And you can rest easy knowing your site and important information are safe in case of an error.


Wix analytics gives you access to processed information about your sales, customer metrics, and site traffic in clear and summarized visuals. You can use time frames to analyze how the data has changed over time. 

Wix analytics displays information such as:

  • Unique or returning visitors
  • Sales
  • Sessions by devices
  • Site sessions
  • Session duration 

Mobile apps

Wix has a wide range of apps designed for site members and owners. They’re free to download in all app stores, and you can use them to run your business. Also, members can visit their favourite sites with Wix member apps. The owner app enables users to create, manage, and grow their ecommerce businesses.

Images and Videos

Wix has a powerful video marketing tool — the Ascend video maker. The reviews of Wix.com indicate that it’s one of the best tools with top-quality videos and images. Ascend allows you to create promotional videos and images for your ecommerce business, narrate a promotional story, or even announce sales to your customers.


Wix has a multilingual feature that helps you attract customers and visitors from all over the world. You can use Google translate automatically or translate your website manually.

Contact Forms

The Wix contact forms allow you to collect important information about your site visitors. You can use that to grow and improve your business.

Blog Feature

According to Wix reviews for blogs, this is an excellent platform for blogging. You can create blog posts for your site effortlessly. The feature has eight great layouts and social features, and it’s easy to manage. 

Storage Space

Wix has excellent storage options for the free and paid plans. 

You can create and grow your website for free. With the free plan, you get up to 500 MB of storage without any time limit. The paid plans offer more than 500 MB, depending on the plan.

Hosting Features

Based on more than one Wix hosting review, the platform offers the best website hosting features. You get:

  • Advanced security monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Automatic setup
  • Free hosting

Editor X

This feature is among the recent Wix development tools. Editor X is specially designed to offer users with technical knowledge top-class features to set up their websites. 

Based on more than one Wix review, this is a great feature for designers and UI/UX experts. The benefits of using Editor X include:

  • Cutting-edge design features
  • Third-party app integration
  • High level of customization
  • Adding CSS

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix ADI is a bit different from Wix editor. While you can use the drag and drop feature to create your website, ADI creates the website for you, making it easier to use. 

With ADI, you enter some basic information about your business and online presence. The tool creates the website for you. Although fast, it’s less flexible. According to Wix reviews, ADI is among the best tools for website building. 

Ecommerce Features

The platform has excellent integrated ecommerce features. The Wix reviews for ecommerce indicate that it’s an excellent choice for online entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Creating and building your ecommerce site is easy for new and pre-existing sites. You can count on Wix to build a reliable online store.


The Wix App market has more than 250 add-ons for your website. The most popular ones include:

  • Wix FAQ
  • Social media stream
  • Wix music
  • Wix Stores 

Marketing Tools

Wix has intuitive and highly efficient marketing tools to help you create and grow a marketing strategy that will encourage the growth of your business both online and offline. Here are top Wix marketing tools:

Newsletter Tool

This Wix tool lets you create excellent newsletters and updates. Also, it helps you customize your newsletters with images, videos, or your own text.

Social Media

Wix integrates with all the major social media platforms. Social media is one of the best ways to engage your customers and attract new ones.

Search Engine Optimization

What’s the point of having all these great features if customers can’t find you online? A good and successful SEO strategy involves keyword research and implementing the keywords throughout your site. With Wix SEO, you can use the customized checklist to ensure your website is well-optimized. 

Email Marketing

This is an excellent platform for email marketing personalization. More than one Wix website review confirm that you can choose how much customization to include in your email marketing campaigns. Also, Wix has many email templates you can add for branding and building easy and fast marketing campaigns.


To determine the desktop and mobile loading speed, I tested one of the many Wix powered websites. The results for the Mane Ethical website were the following:

  • Desktop loading speed: 99/100 (Good)
  • Mobile loading speed: 63/100 (Medium)

It’s important to note that using animations, HD images, videos, and external applications enriches user experience, but it also affects website loading times.

To support this, I tested a website of a designer, as the website included the features mentioned above. The results of this website were the following:

  • Desktop loading speed: 96/100 (Good)
  • Mobile loading speed: 50/100 (Medium)

I also decided to compare the loading speed of other website builders.

Wix vs Squarespace Loading Times

For the Squarespace loading speed test, I’ve chosen two websites randomly, and the results for the first website, Caylon Hackwith, had the following loading speed:

  • Desktop loading speed: 85/100 (Medium)
  • Mobile loading speed: 40/100 (Poor)

The results for the other Squarespace website Meinwen See were as follows:

  • Desktop loading speed: 90/100 (Good)
  • Mobile loading speed: 42/100 (Poor)
Wix vs Weebly Loading Times

The next logical step was to analyse Weebly’s loading speed and see how it compares to Wix powered websites. So, again, I tested two Weebly websites, and here’s what the results said:

Basecamp Island

  • Desktop loading speed: 97/100 (Good)
  • Mobile loading speed: 71/100 (Medium)

Kiko Plastic

  • Desktop loading speed: 76 / 100 (Poor)
  • Mobile loading speed: 61 / 100 (Poor)

Comments and Ratings of Features

Ease of UseWix’s intuitive interface is easy to understand. It includes short introductory videos to give you instructions on various functions. It’s less flexible but convenient. 5
LanguagesThe Wix editor supports over 19 languages. You can use the multilingual site creation to pick the best language for your geographical region. Additionally, Wix allows you to set up different website language versions.4
Visitors Statistics Wix has built-in Analytics tools that give you detailed and customized reports on traffic, blog engagement, sales, and contacts. You can also use Google Analytics to get these reports on sites like Wix.4.5
IntegrationWix allows integration with other features such as Google AdSense, Facebook Pixel, and API to boost your website’s performance and usability.4.5
Wix AnimationsThe Wix animation is a relatively new feature that enables you to add fun and functional animated effects to the website. 

Wix Pricing 2022

screenshot of wix website builder pricing plans

Wix has a free version and three paid plans. The paid business plans are Basic, Unlimited, and VIP. The higher the Wix premium cost, the more advanced features you get. Determine your plan by your business needs. 

You can also check my full Wix pricing overview, but here’s a summary of the plans:

  • Free Plan — $0

You can create a website with the free plan, but that doesn’t include your domain name.

  • Connect Domain — $5

This plan allows you to connect a domain to your site. But it’ll still display the Wix banner. Also, the feature is only available in some countries.

  • Combo Plan — $14

This plan is suitable for small businesses. You get access to free storage, and there’s no Wix banner.

  • Unlimited Plan — $18

The Unlimited plan gives you access to up to 10 MB of storage space.

  • Business and Ecommerce Plan — $23

That’s the best plan for creating an online store. You can access premium features, including shopping cart recovery and Wix bookings for online scheduling. But there are higher plans if you’re looking for more advanced and customized features. 

The Wix pricing in Australia is slightly different, but you can use Wix financial tools to get it standardized. For instance, the Combo plan will cost AUD $14.50 a month.

Payment Processing Fees

Credit/Debit Card
Transaction Fees
USA – 2.9% + 0.3 USD
EU – 1.9% + 0.3 EUR
Switzerland – 2.3% + 0.3 CHF
UK – 2.1% + 0.2 GDP
Canada – 2.9% + 0.3 CAD
Point of Sale (POS)USA – 2.6% + 0 USD
Pay NowGermany, Belgium, Austria – 2.5% + 0.3 EUR
Switzerland – 2.5% + 0.4 CHF
iDEAL2.5% + 0.30 EUR
Giropay2.5% + 0.30 EUR

Payment Options

There are numerous payment methods that Wix customers can use to make payments. Stripe, PayPal, Square, Moolah, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Braintree, Wirecard, PagSeguro, eWay, Yandex, Fat Zebra, MercadoPago, Leumi Card, d-Local, PayU Turkey, and manual payments are all included.

Hidden Costs

While there’s no option of getting a free domain with a basic package, you can get a 1-year free domain voucher with all premium plans. Once your voucher expires, you’ll need to pay for your domain every year, and the prices range from 17.2 to 22.9 AUD a year. Unfortunately, Wix Canada website users cannot use a Canadian domain (.ca) with the Wix website builder at this time. However, as with all popular requests, Wix is collecting votes to enable this option for Wix Canada websites.

The same rule valid for a free domain voucher is applied to Form Builder and Site Booster apps. The offer for both apps is valid for a 1-year premium subscription. After the promotional period expires, you’ll have to pay in order to use both of these apps.

All Wix templates are free, so you’ll find no hidden charges here. However, some of the Wix apps are available to Premium plans users only. The G Suite mailbox, for example, is not included in any of the premium plans, so you’ll have to purchase the mailbox separately. If it turns out you need a great number of paid apps, you might want to consider upgrading your account to any of the available premium plans.

Wix Free vs Paid Plan

Let’s say that you’ve chosen to build a website using Wix free plan, but you’re wondering what you could do with the cheapest plan available. If that’s the case, stay tuned because I’ll talk about that in this section.

  • First things first, with a free plan, you get an URL (accountname.wixsite.com/siteaddress), while with a premium plan, you can connect a domain. 
  • With premium plans, you won’t see Wix ads on your website, while with a free plan, they will be on all pages.
  • When it comes to storage space, with a free plan, you get up to 500MB, and with premium plans, you get from 500MB and much more.
  • The free plan comes with 500MB of Bandwidth and premium plans from 1GB and more.
  • If you want to start an online store, you won’t be able to accept online payments, while with premium plans, you can have that. The same is with Google Analytics.
  • The last thing is that with premium plans, you get priority when it comes to customer service.

Wix Main Competitor: Wix vs Weebly

Wix and Weebly are website builders with a few similarities and differences. Wix has more than 800 templates, while Weebly has only 40 templates. A wide range of templates gives you more options for choosing the best and getting specific. 

Weebly has unlimited storage and website pages. In contrast, Wix has storage on various plans limiting websites to 100 pages, which suits many but not all small businesses. 

The free Weebly account has more features compared to Wix. They include:

  • Lead capture
  • Coupons
  • Automatic tax calculator
  • Square gift cards 
  • Ecommerce functionality

Wix Alternatives

Wix is a great website builder for ecommerce, especially for people without any website designing experience. But similar platforms offer features that Wix hasn’t or aren’t that good on it. Here are the best alternatives for Wix you can consider: 

Wix vs WordPress 

WordPress is one of the greatest website builders, hosting over 40% of websites. It’s one of the best Wix alternatives. 

WordPress.org is a content management system that performs incredibly well in all departments. It’s intuitive and has a wide range of themes for customizing your website. WordPress is perfect whether you want to create an ecommerce store or a custom blog. 

Unlike Wix, WordPress lets you integrate as many plugins as possible to design your ideal website. It’s easy to use and comes at an affordable monthly cost.

Wix vs Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the Wix competitors with almost similar features. Although it’s designed for beginners and user-friendly, it has more advanced features than Wix. But it also has more of a learning curve

Squarespace has visual templates that are better than Wix’s. The downside of this platform is that it lacks apps and add-ons. You can see how Wix and Squarespace compare to get a clear distinction of the features.

Wix vs BigCommerce

The BigCommerce site builder helps you create a powerful e-commerce store. It’s hosted like Wix, although it’s fully scalable. Also, it integrates perfectly with WordPress. You can use it with the best CMS platforms to grow your store fast. Compared to Wix, BigCommerce is best suited for bigger businesses as it offers better and more advanced features. 

Wix vs Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest and most reputable website builders for creating online stores. It’s easy to use, with a friendly and intuitive interface. Also, it has responsive and sleek templates. 

Compared to Wix, Shopify is best suited for all types of stores, including large ecommerce businesses. If you want to get deep in ecommerce, that’s the platform for you. Read a detailed comparison of Wix and Shopify to understand the features you need for your ventures.

Customer Support

Wix offers various types of customer support. The majority of Wix call centres are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (GMT), it depends on the language. Note that for English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, call centres are available 24/7

By visiting the Wix contact page, you can submit a ticket and request a call back during working hours. Your local phone provider charges may be applied. The Wix phone support is available in English, Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

The Wix Help Centre is a real gem. Almost anything you might have trouble with when building your own website can be found in the form of detailed guides in the Help Centre.

Their customer support staff is knowledgeable and responds in a timely manner. They are very patient and happy to resolve their customers’ issues. However, due to a high number of requests, users can wait for a few days to receive an answer. When you submit a ticket as a premium user, your ticket will get at the top of the queue, ensuring you get a fast response. However, the fastest support is guaranteed to users of the VIP plan, as the plan provides first priority support.

Chat support is not currently available, but the website is collecting votes to resolve this issue.


Is Wix a good website builder? Without a doubt, Wix is among the top go-to website builders you can count on to create a fantastic website. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or have coding or design experience to create and run a website with it. Over the years, the platform has served and helped businesses grow online with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Wix comes with tons of templates that suit any business. They’re unique, attractive, and responsive. The platform also stands out with its ecommerce features. And you can even access them with a free plan. Then, you can upgrade to a paid one to start earning. You can sell your products on various sales channels and social media. Read my Wix ecommerce review above to understand how effective the platform is for business growth. 

Wix is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to create a website. It has great features that can accommodate all kinds of pages, including Wix dropshipping, personal use, or ecommerce. Plus, it offers advanced features for savvy developers and programmers. 


Is a Wix Website really free?

You can use the free Wix version as long as you want. You get access to a bandwidth of up to 500 MB, 500MB storage space, and customer support. If you want more advanced features, like ecommerce tools or your own domain name, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. The cheapest one is $14 per month.

What are the disadvantages of Wix?

Wix has a wide range of good reviews and a handful of negative ones. Based on one Wix review, the disadvantages are that it’s not SEO-friendly, the starter plan puts ads on your site, and the drag and drop can limit your creativity. 

Is Wix better than WordPress? 

WordPress has been in the site-building market longer than Wix. And it’s superior in all aspects. Considering all its features, WordPress is also cheaper in the long run. But my Wix review shows both are great website builders, and your choice should depend on your needs.