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50+ Quick Live Chat Statistics [Trends for 2022]

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated May, 25, 2022

How can you satisfy customers in a way they can understand and keep them coming back? The answer lies in live chat statistics.

Customers expect a lot more from businesses today than ever. And they all want quick assistance.

That’s where live chat comes in. It costs 50% less than calls. Plus, it’s three times more likely to lead to a purchase.

So, let’s explore more reasons why live chat is a perfect solution for any business.

Fascinating Chat Stats

  • 79% of customers prefer live chat because it yields quick results compared to other options.
  • 21% of live chat demands don’t get answered, leading to 63% of customers wanting automation and artificial intelligence to play a more significant role in customer service. 
  • 63% of customers who contacted live chat were more likely to return to the site.
  • Live chat costs 50% less than traditional phone calls.
  • On average, 82% of live chat consumers are satisfied with their experience. 
  • Live chat bubble statistics show one hour of live chat can increase business revenue by 48%. 
  • One hour of live chat also increases conversion rates by 40%.
  • 51% of customers expect a business to be available 24/7. 
  • For 85% of consumers, speed is vital to customer experience.
  • 64% of customers believe brands don’t make a serious effort to exceed their expectations.

Statistics on Adding Live Chat to Your Business 

So, why should your business incorporate live chat? 

1. Live Chat Can Increase Conversion Rates by 20%. 

(Source: American Marketing Association)

  • Live chat vs phone support statistics show the former costs more than 50% less than the latter. The literal data cost is down. Plus, chat agents can handle around six customers at a time but only one on the phone.
  • Live chat statistics in 2021 show 97% of businesses think they need to reexamine their customer experience strategy in the next 36 months. The landscape is constantly changing, so companies need to put extra effort into meeting customer expectations. 

So why do some businesses lack a live chat? Well, we have no idea because it comes with even more positives.

2. On Average, 73% of Live Chat Customers Are Satisfied With Their Experience. 

(Source: SuperOffice)

  • Businesses can solve about 90% of questions immediately. Live chat costs decrease overall support costs overnight.
  • One hour of live chat can increase business revenue by 48%. 
  • In the same period, it also boosts conversion rates by 40%. 

Organisations should take note of how customer satisfaction can affect their business.

Pink corded phone next to a white smartphone

Live Chat Messaging Customer Satisfaction Statistics

Let’s see how much customers enjoy live chat.

3. 63% of Customers Who Used Live Chat Were More Likely to Return. 

(Source: Insider Intelligence)

  • A further 62% would buy from the site again.
  • 79% of customers prefer live chat because it yields quick results compared to other contact options. 
  • 46% of organisations with online chat for their business think that’s the most effective communication method between them and consumers.

We know customer satisfaction is vital, but what do customers want? 

4. Email Communication Brings Only 61% of Consumer Satisfaction.

(Source: SuperOffice)

  • Lastly, 44% of customers are happy with phone support. 
  • Also, 38% said the live chat response made them purchase. While that might sound small, imagine businesses without live chat. That’s nearly 40% of customers lost.

Statistics on Consumers Using Live Chat Windows

Businesses need to know more about customer behaviour to get the most out of live chat. 

5. 54% of Customers Prefer Contact via Email.

(Source: Business Wire)

  • Customers expect a lot more from businesses today than ever. But 21% of live chat demands remain unanswered. 
  • Unsurprisingly, 63% of customers want automation and artificial intelligence to play a bigger role in customer service. 
  • According to live chat statistics, 64% of customers believe brands don’t make a serious effort to exceed their expectations. One business aspect that will never go away is customer satisfaction. No matter how much technology grows, it’ll remain vital to impress clients. 

And that’s not all.

6. Almost 80% of Customers Wish Brands Understood Their Preferred Messaging Channels. 

(Source: Business Wire)

  • Over 50% feel companies make interactions too tricky, and two-way communication is less of an option. 
  • It’s not all about human interaction. 66% of consumers think automation is just as essential as human communication for stores with live chat. If businesses get this right from the get-go, they can save a serious amount of time. 
  • A mere 45% feel brands know sufficiently the needed communication channels. 

Whether the support is automated or live, as long as businesses can increase their chat rate, they’ll benefit. 

7. 41% of Customers Prefer Mobile Messaging.

(Source: Business Wire)

  • For 85% of consumers, speed is vital to the customer experience. People want answers and information quickly. 
  • Seamlessness was also essential for 84% of customers.
  • Lastly, 80% require personalization. It’s a key customer satisfaction factor. Brands need ways to personalize and tailor experiences to their predominant target market. 

For organisations to get an idea of what customers appreciate most, let’s check their preferences regarding live chat sales and assistance.

8. 60% of Customers Find Messaging Less Daunting Than Email.

(Source: Business Wire)

  • 67% of customers feel uncomfortable phoning customer service. They prefer to communicate via messaging. 
  • 83% of consumers say if a business wants to contact them quickly, mobile messages are the way to go.
  • 74% use mobile as their primary form of communication. 

Let’s have a look at what Australia has to show us.

A person typing on the laptop keyboard

Live Support Chats Australia

The Australian population has an incredibly high internet penetration rate. 

9. Australian Sites Have Handled 9.8 Million Live Chat Cases.

(Source: Live Chat)

  • The average wait time to chat to an agent in Australia is 55 seconds. And one in three Australian adults use the internet for six or more hours daily. 
  • On average, Australian live chat agents have close to 12 chats per day. Each lasts between 12–13 minutes.
  • Most Australian businesses are available on live chat around 10 hours a day.  

But how can Aussie businesses help users even more?

Zendesk Live Chat Support

Live chat has never been easier. Zendesk offers a comprehensive platform for customer engagement and feedback.

10. Zendesk Helps Over 1,300 Australian Companies.

(Source: Zendesk)

  • Companies that use Zendesk data correctly see 36% faster query resolution.
  • What’s more, that brings a 79% decrease in customer wait times. 
  • Out of the live chat service providers in Australia, Zendesk is among the easiest to use, well priced, and highly rated. Plus, businesses can expect four times as many solved customer requests. 

Since Zendesk is so far-reaching, it gives a pretty in-depth look into the customer experience. 

 11. Zendesk Helps Over 45,000 Companies in 140 Countries. 

(Source: Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020)

  • 59% of agents using Zendesk have been in the customer experience industry for over three years. 
  • Customer service makes 57% of consumers more likely to feel loyal to a brand
  • Live chat numbers show over 50% of customers with a bad service experience will go to the competitor. If there’s more than one negative interaction, 80% of customers will move on.

Do you see why it’s so crucial to focus on customer experience? Organisations need to keep up. Looking for a superb website builder for your industry will help greatly.

12. Less Than 30% of Businesses Have Self-Service or Live Chat.

(Source: Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020)

  • 68% of customers dislike getting their call transferred to another department. That’s another reason to implement live chat. 
  • For customers between 18–24, 17% resolve their issues via social media. While this doesn’t sound like much, live chat growth statistics show movement towards social platforms and live chat. 
  • 40% of consumers change their preferred communication channel based on the issue’s complexity. 

Let’s have a look at what implementing a live chat can do for your business.

Two people sitting at the same table and texting

Live Chat Statistics on Consumers

So, why should businesses invest in customer engagement?

13. 40% of Online Buyers That Have Used the Live Chat Buy Online at Least Once a Week.

(Source: Insider Intelligence)

  • The 22% that haven’t used live chat make less than one online purchase a month. But businesses still have a higher chance of a sale with a live chat feature.
  • 51% of customers expect a business to be on call 24/7. 
  • Live chat shopping cart statistics show users who live chat are three times more likely to make a purchase. 

Live chat is vital, web builders like Wix give you an easy way for users to contact you directly.  Can live chats tell us anything specific about online consumers?

14. 20% of Past Live Chat Customers Do More Than 70% of Their Holiday Shopping Online.

(Source: Insider Intelligence)

  • An additional 25% make between 51%–75% of their purchases online, too. 
  • Only 10% of those who haven’t used a chat feature shop online. So there’s a definite correlation between live chat users and sales. 

Predictions show that at the end of 2021, the global ecommerce market will grow to over $4.8 billion. That’s a lot of money and even more competition. So it’s worth investing in a live chat feature as soon as possible.

Wrap Up

Live chat statistics show that while technology may be changing, the consumer service mantra will always be vital for businesses. 

We live in a fast-paced world where customers want answers quickly and efficiently. And live chat helps with that. It’s cheaper, user-friendly, and much more likely to resolve queries than other communication methods. 


How does live chat work?

The biggest difference between customers contacting you via traditional methods vs live chat is that the latter is literally live. So customers don’t wait for a response. Instead, they stay in a queue and chat with the first available representative. This reduces wait times and fixes most customer issues 79% faster.

What are some of the immediate results businesses found from using instant messaging?

The biggest result is that 90% of questions are solved immediately with a less than five-minute waiting time. Plus, one hour of live chat can increase business revenue by 48%. Conversion rates can also improve by 40% in the same way. You can see these results within the first two weeks of implementing live chat properly. 

What do customers expect from live chat?

Customer needs are changing, and their expectations are increasing. While this might sound intimidating, you need to keep up because 79% of customers prefer live chat. Also, live chat statistics show 51% expect a business to be on call 24/7.