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How to Sell on Facebook in Australia [2022 Guide]

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated May, 12, 2022

Interested in selling on Facebook? Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 20 million Australian Facebook users. Many users use it as an eCommerce platform because you can make higher sales on Facebook than on any other social media platform, but you can only sell physical products.

In this article, you will learn how to sell on Facebook in Australia and how to set up a Facebook shop, both of which are easy. In addition, if you’re an individual, there’re instructions on selling on FB Marketplace and groups.

Facebook Page Shop vs Facebook Shops

Facebook Page Shop enables people to go through the listing of your products without using a different website, which is an excellent choice for small scale retailers, merchants and advertisers.

A new feature, Facebook Shops, debuted in 2020, and it was specially designed for businesses that found Facebook Marketplace limiting. Namely, the FB shop storefront allows you to bundle up the products or sell individual ones. In addition, it has a shopping cart and a product listing. 

Now, let’s go over instructions for setting up a Facebook shop in Australia, which is a piece of cake. 

How to Sell on Facebook in Australia?

Setting up a Facebook Page Shop is the first step to selling on this platform

1. Create a Facebook Page Shop

  • Go to the settings section on your page
  • Then, select the Template and Tabs option
  • Click on the Add tab option at the bottom of the page
  • Find the shop tab and tap on the add button

2. Agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies

The next step is to read and understand the Merchant’s terms and policies and accept them. These policies explain what products to sell and the refund and return policies, among other things.

3. Payment and Financial Details

Enter the payment and other relevant financial details, such as payment methods available in Australia.

After successfully creating the Facebook Page Shop, it’s time to add products. 

4. Add Items

Add your first item to the list by pressing the Add product button.

  • Add great images and videos of the product.
    • The more the photos, the better. 
  • Add a befitting product description and the product price.

5. Create Collections

If you’re dealing with a wide range of products, create a collection for the better management of the products, it helps the customers find what they’re looking for faster.

6. Manage orders

When you receive the first order, you’ll receive a notification. 

You can manage all the pending orders in the publishing tools under the shop section. In the manage orders section, you’ll view all the pending orders and the customer’s details, including the shipping information. 

Requirements for Setting Up Facebook Shops

With so many Aussie Facebook users, creating FB Shops for your business can be a fantastic opportunity. However, before you go into any details, you must inform yourself about the requirements:

  • You need to be an admin of a Facebook Page Shop and have a catalogue.
  • Businesses can only sell physical products 
  • Link your FB shop to a valid bank account
  • You need a valid tax identification number
  • Also, you must agree to the terms of the Facebook Merchant terms.

Steps for Creating Facebook Shops

Creating a Facebook shop via Commerce Manager is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Log in to your Facebook Account

After that, go to your Facebook Business page. Note that you can only use this feature if you have admin credentials. 

Under the shop section, you can view a variety of Facebook stores, which are only visible to you and not clients. Click on the Shop icon on the left in order to get started.

2. Build the Profile of Your Shop

If you are in Australia, read and understand the Merchant Terms agreement. Then, you can proceed to build the profile. 

  • Tap on the shop tab and read the pop-up explanation.
  • Tap on the Get started button.
  • Provide the required details
  • Enter the details about your country and state.
  • Provide descriptions of products you’re selling

3. Choose a Checkout Method

The Facebook shop offers checkout methods through messaging and sending customers to another website.

 If your page is authorised, you can redirect customers to your own eCommerce website. Another option is to checkout via message. What’s great about selling on Facebook is that customers can contact the business owners through FB messenger. 

4. Set Up a Business Account

Then, create the Business Manager account. Enter your business name, your name and email address.

5. Set Up the Catalogue

Once you have selected the category, you can create your collection by adding the product. Upon completing the setup, you’ll be able to add more products. 

When you add a product, you need to provide a description, including the name and details of the product, the inventory, photographs and videos, the shipping options, and of course, the price. In Australia, you need to offer the checkout URL.

6. Add the Shipping Details

You should now set up the shipping details, such as the shipping options, the shipping duration, and delivery cost. It’s good to know that Facebook offers a 30-day return policy.

7. The Payment Setup

Provide your payment details and options applicable in Australia. 

8. Review the Details and Publish

Before publishing:

  • Review all the details to ensure they’re accurate
  • Carefully read the merchant terms and seller agreement once again. 

When you’re ready, publish it. It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to receive approval from Facebook. 

After the approval, you can begin your eCommerce journey on Facebook. Later on, you can add more items and adjust the display of your shop. 

Notebook next to a smartphone with Facebook on the screen.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

A Facebook Marketplace is an eCommerce platform where users can discover, buy and sell physical goods. It is an easy and convenient way of buying and selling products within your area. 

If you are a buyer, you can browse through different listings to find great things.  The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is by filtering the results by product category, location, and price. 

Listing on the Facebook Marketplace enables you to reach the buyers wherever they are, and unlike most platforms that have a marketplace, Facebook doesn’t charge you to use its marketplace.

Here are product categories on the Facebook Marketplace:

  • Classifieds
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Fitness products
  • Books
  • Seasonal products
  • Hobbies
  • Home goods
  • Garden tools
  • Housing
  • Vehicles

Benefits of Using the Facebook Marketplace

Let’s go over the advantages of selling on FB Marketplace:

  • Better Customer Support — Facebook Marketplace enables the seller to connect directly with their audience. There’re several ways available for you to connect to the customers and address their concerns easily. You can use chats, video calls, voice calls, or comments to directly interact with customers.
  • Wide Reach — As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, Facebook has almost 3 billion users globally, which means you are potentially looking at a vast market. Listing your products on the Facebook Marketplace allows people actively looking for such products to find you easily.

Instructions for Selling on the Facebook Marketplace

Like everything else on Facebook, selling this way is also easy. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Facebook and click on the Marketplace icon. 
    • If you are using a desktop, the icon is at the top right, and if you are using your mobile, the icon is at the bottom.
  • Tap on the Create a new listing
  • Choose the item for sale
  • Select Add photos and upload the photos of your products
  • Add a description of the item and add the product price. 
    • You can consider using Facebook Ads to advertise your product.
  • Select the delivery method
  • Click on Publish to add the product to the listing. 

Selling as an Individual on Facebook Groups

Another way you can sell your products on Facebook is through groups. Namely, anyone can sell their products such as things they don’t need anymore and make some cash. 

You can even use your phone to make sales on the Facebook Group without a fancy website. And, to sell products on the group on Facebook Group, you must be an admin to enable the buy-and-sell group feature. Also, you can liaise with the Group Admin to allow you to use the feature. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and select the group you want to sell in
  2. Tap the icon Sell Something
  3. Provide the details about the product you want to sell and click Next
  4. Select the audience. To enable more prospects to see your item, you can post it on several Facebook groups. Alternatively, you can create a listing on the Facebook Marketplace to attract more customers.
  5. Finally, click Publish.

Selling as an Individual on Facebook Groups

If you want to make successful sales, the following are useful tips for selling on the Facebook marketplace or groups.

1. Take Excellent Photos of the Product

The item you’re selling should be appealing to the prospects.  Ensure you’re using a good camera and lighting to get the best image for your item. 

2. Create a Great Product Description

Write down a detailed and positive description of the product. Make the description honest and never exaggerate the state of a product. If the product has a few flaws, point them out because you’ll lose credibility if you aren’t truthful.

In the description, include the following details:

  • The condition of the product
  • Its use
  • The age of the item
  • The current price
  • The number of items
  • The location
  • The dimensions of the product 

3. Ensure the Price Are Reasonable

If your items are overpriced, you’ll never sell them. The prices of the items should be slightly lower compared to other marketplaces. Also, you might need to be flexible about your pricing when need be.

4. Adhere to the Rules

Facebook has put in place rules regarding selling on the platform. And different groups have different rules. So, make sure to follow the rules when listing and selling your items. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be kicked out or blocked from the platform. 


Facebook offers business owners several ways to sell and make profits on Facebook. You can sell products through Facebook groups, Facebook Marketplace, or Facebook Page. The Facebook shop fees in Australia are low, allowing you to make good profits. Remember to adhere to terms and conditions for the marketplace and groups to avoid being locked out. 


1. Can you sell directly on Facebook?

Yes, you can sell on your Facebook shop directly by adding your products to your Facebook shop. You don’t need to have a website to sell on the platform because you can directly reach out to your Facebook customer and sell. 

2. How do you get paid on Facebook Marketplace?

If you’re thinking about how to sell on Facebook Australia and get paid, here’s how. You will get paid via the payment method you selected — for instance, direct bank transfers and third-party payment methods available in Australia, such as PayPal.

3. How Much does it cost to sell on Facebook?

Facebook will only charge you once you make a sale. After that, it will automatically deduct a fee of 5% per shipment. For sales less than $8, Facebook will deduct a flat rate of 0.40. The remainder is what you take home.