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50+ Online Review Statistics & Why You Should Care

Written by, Alex Bosnjak

Updated March, 20, 2022

Online review statistics show a massive change in customers’ interactions with industries and businesses worldwide.

Nowadays, word of mouth in local communities is often replaced by reviews on global platforms.

Customer reviews can make or break a business, so they’re becoming an essential part of any marketing strategy.

Let’s explore the impact online reviews have and what businesses can do to improve their customers’ opinions.

Fascinating Business Ratings and Reviews Industry Stats

  • Online reviews affect 93% of consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Every year, 81% of users research local businesses on Google.
  • 63% of buyers will pay 15% more to receive a better experience. 
  • 92% of B2B buyers are more inclined to buy services and software with good reviews.
  • If a business displays reviews, its conversions can increase by as much as 270%.
  • 82% of consumers seek out negative reviews.
  • 97% of users seek out the company’s response.
  • A company can lose 30 customers from a single negative review.

Online Review Statistics

Reviews can help businesses decipher what customers are looking for. 

1. Online Reviews Affect 93% of Consumer Purchasing Decisions.

(Source: Podium Corp Inc)

  • Businesses with excellent reviews can rest assured that customers are willing to spend 31% more on them.
  • Most consumers won’t engage with a company that has less than a 3.3 rating. 
  • Online review statistics in 2021 show 63% of buyers will pay 15% more for a more pleasant experience. 

But that’s not all. 

2. 58% of Consumers Check Local Reviews About Once a Week. 

(Source: Podium Corp Inc)

  • 59% of users choose a smartphone or tablet for searching online reviews. It’s no surprise, considering mobiles account for about 50% of internet usage worldwide
  • 54% of buyers search a business by inputting the name in a search engine. 
  • 97% of consumers read online reviews.

So, how often do people look at online reviews? 

3. 12% of People Look at Reviews Daily. 

(Source: Small Business Trends)

  • It takes around seven reviews for a customer to trust a business. 
  • Online review statistics show 85% of consumers trust reviews as much as advice from a close person. So customers no longer rely only on word of mouth. 
  • In 2017, 79% of customers read fake reviews. Besides, 84% of consumers admit they can’t spot fake reviews. 

Are reviews important for a business? 

4. Only 54% of Buyers Will Purchase From a Business With Less Than Four Stars.

(Source: BrightLocal)

  • On average, users spend 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before a purchase.
  • The way a business responds to reviews is also important. 97% of users look for company reviews by customers that have a response. You need to find a website host that allows you to respond to customers directly, like with a live chat feature. 
  • 24% of businesses provide gifts or discounts for customers who leave reviews. 

So, how much time do people spend reading reviews? 

5. 93% of Customers Spend Over a Minute Reading Reviews.

(Source: BrightLocal)

  • 43% dedicate ten minutes to check reviews. 
  • About 10% read reviews over 30 minutes. Now that’s dedication.
  • 48% of users will only read reviews from the last two weeks

Reviews seem to have an expiration date. 

6. 84% of Users Don’t Think Reviews Past Three Months Are Reliable. 

(Source: BrightLocal)

  • A tiny 3% of consumers will trust a review older than a year. 
  • 60% of customers will write positive customer service reviews, while only 25% will post a negative experience. Still, that’s a whole quarter of a reason for businesses to strive for excellence.
  • 70% of consumers don’t trust one site and visit multiple platforms to get more perspectives. 

Let’s find out who reads and writes all these reviews.

five yellow starts on the red and blue background

Online Review Statistics and Demographics

If businesses spend time to understand who’s more likely to leave reviews, they can adjust better to customers.

7. 52% of Users Between 18–54 Years Old Always Read Reviews. 

(Source: BrightLocal)

  • One-third of consumers under the age of 45 use online reviews for every purchase. 
  • Customers older than 55 are the least likely to give businesses a pass for bad reviews. 
  • Millennials and Gen Z are 99% more likely to read reviews online and on social media when picking a restaurant, compared to baby boomers and Gen X. So having an appealing website is key, web builders like Sitejet offer multi-language support

There’s always a reason for customers to write a review. And businesses know that.

Online Company Reviews

Reviews are a helpful tool for companies to grow their customer base. 

8. 77% of Buyers Will Leave a Review Online If a Business Asks Them.

(Source: Podium Corp Inc)

  • 82% of consumers say they purchased because of a review. 
  • The main reason to leave reviews for 85% of people is to help other consumers or businesses
  • 66% find it important to be familiar with a site to trust it. 

It’s not just about what customers say online. The place where they say it matters just as much. 

Online Review Site Statistics

Some businesses aim to provide a platform for online reviews. 

9. Every Year, 81% Of Users Turn to Google for Local Businesses Research.

(Source: Podium Corp Inc)

  • Out of all online review companies, 59% of customers use Yelp. 
  • A one-star increase on Yelp can bring in 5%–9% more revenue. It’s not surprising, considering 80% of Yelp users search the site before making a purchase. 
  • Every minute, consumers post over 26,000 Yelp reviews. 

But that’s not all we can learn about online platforms.

10. 98% of Users Have Made a Purchase Because of a Yelp Review. 

(Source: Invespcro)

  • 30% of consumers use Google and Apple Maps to find a business. 
  • Facebook is also popular for 49% of consumers who use it to find local business reviews. 
  • A company can lose roughly 30 customers from a single bad review. 

So, what can reviews do for a business?

A woman writing on a laptop with a smartphone on the side

Product Reviews Statistics

Online reviews can have a massive impact on businesses. 

11. Business With Displayed Reviews Can Increase Conversions By as Much as 270%. 

(Source: LinkedIn)

  • It’s not all about getting five stars. Some users find perfect reviews quite suspicious, so the ones between 4.2–4.7 stars are more trustworthy.
  • 82% of consumers seek out negative reviews to get a more credible idea of what to expect. 
  • 92% of B2B buyers are more inclined to buy services and software with good reviews.

Reputation management statistics should be a high priority for businesses if they want to understand what customers expect. 

12. 86% of Consumers Will Hesitate to Buy From a Low Star Rating Business. 

(Source: Invesp)

  • Lower-priced products that display reviews have a 190% higher conversion rate than those that don’t. 
  • Surprisingly, higher-priced products experienced the same, with a 380% increased conversion rate. 
  • The most important business trait for consumers is reliability — crucial for 27% of users. 21% believe professionalism is key to a good reputation. 

What else can online product review statistics show us?

13. 56% of Consumers Specifically Look for Websites with Reviews. 

(Source: PowerReviews)

  • For 82% of electronic consumers, a review is vital. 
  • Appliances and computers are up next, with 80% of consumers looking for reviews. 
  • Baby product reviews are also among the most searched for 40% of consumers that won’t purchase before reading a review.

After we’ve read the global stats, we can’t help but wonder what Australian stats can tell us? 

Online Review Customer Statistics Australia

Australia has an interesting perspective on online reviews, which differs quite a bit from US stats. 

14. 68% of Australian Consumers Base Their Purchasing Decisions on Blogs and Online Reviews. 

(Source: The State of Queensland)

  • Australians read eight reviews on average before making a purchase. 
  • 30–39-year-olds are the most likely to read online reviews with 79%
  • Next on the list are the 40–49-year-olds, with 73% relying on online reviews and blogs. Here’s the most significant difference from the US stats, where millennials make the largest age group.  

Online review trends in Australia show us more fascinating stats. 

15. 94% of Australians Trust Online Reviews. 

(Source: Capterra)

  • 98% of Australians research online before buying, particularly for large purchases
  • 84% have left at least one review. Australians have that help-your-neighbour mentality which is brilliant. 
  • Australian restaurants receive the most reviews, making up 14% of the total reviews online. 

What can we learn about the feedback for different sectors? 

16. Food and Beverage Products Are the Second Most Reviewed With 12%.

(Source: Capterra)

  • Online shopping facts in Australia show tech, clothing, and educational training each make up 11% of reviews. Shopping online is on the rise. But 75% of online shoppers who experience freezing, long load times, or crashing won’t complete their orders.
  • 90% of Australians leave a review because they want the business to offer a refund
  • 88% want the issue corrected, and 85% said a business taking accountability was crucial. 

Let’s see how reviews can affect healthcare businesses. 

blue stethoscope laying next to the laptop

Online Review Statistics on Healthcare

It turns out that online reviews have quite a dramatic effect on the industry. 

17. 77% of Patients Looking for a New Physician Read Online Reviews.

(Source: LEVO Healthcare Consulting)

  • 48% say comments and ratings influenced their decision to make an appointment. 
  • 43% of physicians admit that online reviews can help bring new patients to their practice. 
  • 88% of patients trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. 

Overall, all businesses need to pay close attention to online reviews and monitor customer expectations. 

Wrap Up

Online review statistics show how the business world is changing with customer perception and expectations.

Businesses can’t just focus on the competition and their place in the market. They need to make a conscious effort to improve customer relationships. 

It’s not just about specific products or companies. Online reviews impact all industries. The internet is a public space that keeps making changes in how consumers experience businesses. 


How many people trust a business more after reading positive online reviews?

Online reviews are as trustworthy as personal advice for 85% of consumers. Also, it takes roughly seven reviews for a customer to start trusting a business. The world is changing quickly, and companies can no longer rely solely on word of mouth. 

What percentage of customers write reviews?

60% of customers will write positive customer service reviews, while only 25% will write about a bad experience. A key stat businesses should know is that they’ll be even more inclined to do so with an incentive like a coupon. 

How reliable are online reviews? 

Like everything on the internet, you should take reviews with a grain of salt. Fake reviews are a real problem. Online competition is fierce in all industries and markets. Unfortunately, with that comes manipulation. Some companies might write fake reviews to halt competitor success. In the end, the truth usually comes out. 

How do online reviews influence purchasing behavior?

According to online review statistics, 82% of consumers say reviews have influenced their past purchases. 98% of Australians research online before buying, particularly for large purchases. Most consumers also look for a company response, so businesses should keep on top of all reviews on multiple platforms.