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How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track [2022]

Written by, Dimitar F

Updated May, 5, 2022

How would you feel if you knew someone was tracking your every move? Unfortunately, it’s something that many people have to worry about. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid it.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss phone tracking and how to make your phone impossible to track. Also, I’ll talk about the possible signs of monitoring.

How Does Tracking Work?

Smartphone tracking involves identifying the location of the phone, which can be either stationary or moving. 

The phone tracking exposes your location and other personal information to the hacker, government or advertisers. There are several ways to track a phone that someone can use to spy on others. 

How to Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

Interestingly, there are several spying tools and software that hackers use to spy on and track people. Before I go on about the measures you can take to prevent hackers from violating your privacy, let’s go over the signs if you suspect your phone is under surveillance.

  • Oddly High Data Usage — You will notice your data usage is unusually high because you and the hacker use the data.
  • Unusually High Number of Ads — Another sign that your phone is being tracked is receiving an abnormally high number of ads. 
  • Unfamiliar Apps on Your Phone — If you find apps you didn’t download, they could be the spying software.
  • Battery Life is Shorter than Usual — If a hacker monitors your phone, your battery will deplete faster.
  • Phone Malfunctioning — Possible sign that your phone is being tracked is malfunctioning apps or phone in general. 

To learn more about whether an iPhone can be hacked or not, click on this link.

How to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track? 

There are several ways to track a phone by hackers, and there are measures you can take to prevent your phone from being tracked or hacked.

1. Turning Off Location

You can make your phone impossible to track by turning off your location on your phone. If you wonder how to turn on location on iPhone and Android, check below.


  • For iPhone users:
    • Check your phone settings and select privacy. 
    • Select the location tab to view the tabs that access your location. Then, disable the location services from these apps. 
  • For Android Users:
    • Go to Setting
    • Then scroll and find the Location Tab
    • Turn off the location access for all apps

2. Turning on Airplane Mode

Another way to stop intruders from accessing your phone is to switch to airplane mode because when the phone is in flight mode, there is no internet access. So, the person who is tracking cannot access the information on your phone. 

In the notification bar on your iPhone or Android, you can turn the airplane mode.

3. Using a Fake GPS Location App

GPS spoofing on your phone will prevent hackers from accessing your phone and location. Also, you can install a fake GPS app on your phone, which will give false location data to the hackers.

4. Turning Off Your Phone

If none of the above things worked, you can always just turn it off because no one can track you down when it’s off. However, the downside of this method is that neither the hacker nor you can use the phone.

Tips for Evading Tracking

When using your smartphone, your data, such as your location, can be accessible to hackers. What’s good is that you can use the tips below to minimise the risks of exposing yourself. 

Use Private Browser/Incognito Mode While Browsing

“Can private browsing be traced on iPhone?” some wonder because iPhones have better security measures than Android phones. In any case, to avoid availing of your private information, use a private browser when browsing. 

A private browser prevents advertisers and others from accessing your private information. And, when you use incognito mode, it prevents the browser you are using from storing your browsing information. 

Turn Off Google Settings Related to Tracking Activity

Google and other leading search engines will retain your private information when you use them, which allows cybercriminals to access your information easily. 

So, when browsing, ensure your Google account is safeguarded. You should change the passwords if you suspect a security breach. 

Use a VPN

Still wondering how to block my phone from being tracked? The best way to protect your privacy is by using a virtual private network.  

A VPN enables the user to encrypt their data and anonymous web browsing. If you have a VPN, the intruders cannot get access to your data.

Use Search Engines That Don’t Track Your Browsing Activities

The most used search engines are Google and Bing. Unfortunately, both Google and Bing retrieve all your data, which advertisers and hackers can access. Therefore, switch to private search engines that do not track your browsing activities, like duckduckgo.com.

Avoid Sharing Your Location on Social Media

Avoid posting on social media statuses and photos with your location. In addition, switch off the location services on all your social media platforms in your phone settings.


Can someone track your phone? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It’s possible for third parties to access your information and location by hacking your phone. You can use GPS technology, VPN, and turning on airplane mode, among other safety measures, to block unauthorised people from accessing your phone. 


1. How do I know that someone is tracking my phone?

Several indicators show your phone is being tracked:

  • Battery draining faster
  • Unwanted apps on your phone
  • An odd history on your browser
  • Overheating
  • Phone malfunctioning 

2. How do I make my phone untraceable?

You can prevent your phone from getting hacked by:

  • Turning on airplane mode will turn off the Wi-Fi and cellular internet.
  • Turning off the GPS radio 
  • Switching off your phone is the safest way of ensuring that no one is tracking your phone.

3. Can someone track my location by phone number?

Yes, someone can track your location by using your phone number. For example, if your phone is lost, you track its location using its GPS. Additionally, you can use the phone number to access, save, retrieve or delete the information saved on the device.

4. Can someone track my location with a phone call?

Yes. Someone can track your location because when your phone is turned on, it’s connected to a radio tower so that it can easily identify you and deliver your calls. So the best thing to do is to keep it off if you suspect someone is tracking you.

5. Can my phone be tracked if Location Services is off?

When your phone’s service is off, it is impossible to track its exact location. However, when someone is tracking you, it will show your phone’s last location before the service went off. Learn how to make your phone impossible to track in this article.